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M T D O c t o b e r 2 0 1 8 38 S p e c i a l t y T i r e s T here will probably never be a need for a radial wheelbarrow tire. But radialization within the specialty tire segment is increasing. at is one of the major trends specialty tire manufacturers are seeing in the field. The acceptance of radial technology across the broad number of specialty segments such as outdoor power equipment, agriculture, construction and specialty trailer tires is increasing, said Laren Harmon, executive vice president of sales for the Carlstar Group. "We are seeing consumer demand for better ride quality on equipment coupled with larger and faster vehicles that require durability and performance. Radial tires offer a more consistent footprint, which yields better traction and longer tread life." Other tire trends are related to the evolution in equipment such as grain carts and wagons, and to government regulations (i.e., tariffs). MORE AG OPTIONS Tires on grain carts and wagons are a big focus in the ag market, said Dave Paulk, manager of field technical services for BKT USA Inc. "A grain cart uses larger tires, lower air pressures, and carries more load. It is mostly used in the field to transport from the combine to the truck. Grain wagon tires are smaller, use more air pressure, carry smaller loads, and are mainly used for highway transportation." Grain wagons are built for higher speeds and run on wide-base truck tires sizes, said Paulk. "I-1's and F-1's, followed by retreaded truck tires, have been the leading option until recently on grain wagons. e new trend is IF/VF tires like the VF445/65R225. ese radial implement tires have similar tread designs for rolling resistance and are designed to run with lower air pressures for minimum soil disturbance. ey also carry more weight at less air pressure with a maximum speed rating of 40 mph." Grain cars have more options, he said. "e R-1 can be used for field and hill side applications. An emerging trend of the R-1 design is rounded tread shoulders for reduced soil disturbance. "Another method to reduce soil dis- turbance is using an R-3 design. e R-3 is used mostly in flat areas and has less soil disturbance than R-1. e float tire similar in tread design to our FL 693 or FL 630 Super and Ultra can be used. is is a hybrid between the two that is good for field and hill side. e hybrids are fairly new to the game. "As grain carts are getting heavier and able to carry more loads, the tires are get- ting larger," said Paulk. "e 1050/50R32 and 1250/50R32 are recent sizes that are being used. 25% TARIFFS! e recent USTR announcement regarding the September 24th tariff increases on $200 billion of Chinese imports as well as the additional January increase up to 25% is a trend impacting the specialty tire market," said Harmon "is new announcement, which is over and above the March 2018 tariffs, will affect tires, steel and aluminum wheels, and tire/wheel assemblies. Additionally, components and raw materials in domestic manufacturing will be impacted by these pending increases. "Carlstar continues to leverage our U.S. manufacturing advantage combined with our global manufacturing network and worldwide partnerships to seek to minimize the impact," he added. TOP 4 TRENDS When asked to list the three biggest trends in the specialty tire market -- not including forkli, material handling or specialty trailer tires -- Brandon Stotsenburg listed four. In addition to radialization, Stotsenburg, automotive vice president for American Kenda Rubber Industrial Co. Ltd., said there is growth in personal-use vehicles in retirement and golf communities for slow speed vehicles. He also sees a trend toward larger sizes of slow speed tires, with diameters moving from 8 inches to 12 inches. "We are seeing diameters now as large as 14 inches." And the fourth trend? Commercial grade mowers, including zero turn radius mowers, are increasing in numbers "as more double-income families hire lawn care companies to do their yards," he said. In concert with that growth, tires are get- ting bigger and, from a quality standpoint, better. ■ Specialty tire trends RADIALIZATION IS MATURING, WHILE TARIFFS ARE A CONCERN Carlisle Turf Master Multi Trac CS tires are designed for professional grade and zero turn radius mowers. Cour- tesy of Carlstar COURTESY OF CARLSTAR BKT's SR 713 farm imple- ment tire is available in two sizes, including VF445/65R22.5. Courtesy of BK COURTESY OF BK Stotsenburg said slow speed tires, like the new Kenda Kruizer KR20A, are avail- able in larger-diameter sizes. COURTESY OF AMERICAN KENDA

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