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M T D O c t o b e r 2 0 1 8 54 S m a l l O T R T i r e s on the agricultural. We're absolutely market leaders in the Latin American market for small OTR and agricultural tires," says Vitale. GOAL IS 5,000 UNITS PER MONTH Vitale sees continued demand for small OTR tires (20-inch to 25-inch diameter) driven by increased construction spending and more powerful machines. "e big machines seem to be used a little bit less because the small ones are becoming more powerful. Smaller equipment, such as skid steers, costs less to run and to transport." e company's sales goal is 5,000 units per month in the U.S., and Vitale expect to meet that target. "We are a great name with a great reputation," says Vitale. "Dealers seem to easily sell our product as soon as we produce it. I don't know if the market was waiting for another major brand to come in or the market is just booming for construction and needs more tires." Vitale suggests dealers keep plenty of inventory on hand. "Without inventory and delivery you're losing out. Nobody's waiting for these tires. If you don't have it in inventory or access to it pretty quick, consumers will go elsewhere. at's where the differential is going to be between dealers. ese big bulky tires are not a fast overnight delivery. It's a lost sale if you don't have inventory." TIPS FOR CLOSING THE OTR SALE Modern Tire Dealer asked manufacturers and marketers for tips that help a dealer close the OTR sale as well as their view of the future for bias tires. In addition to Pirelli, eight other companies responded. ey were: Seth Walters, vice president-aermarket sales (East) for Alliance Tire Americas Inc.; Minoo Mehta, president of BKT USA Inc.; Michael Dembe, executive director of product management for construction at Camso Inc.; T. Shawn Rasey, director of global business development of earthmover tires for Continental AG; Eric Matson, global field engineering manager for Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.; Justin Brock, marketing manager for construc- tion at Michelin North America Inc.; Bill Dashiell, senior vice president-commercial tire division at TBC Brands LLC; and Bruce Besancon, vice president of OTR sales for Yokohama Tire Corp. Responses to MTD's request for tips to close the OTR sale ranged from stocking plenty of inventory to positioning one's dealership as a knowledgeable partner rather than a seller of a commodity. Alliance: My biggest advice would be to make sure you're not ignoring the small OTR sale! So oen, dealers get focused on the big machinery and the bigger-ticket tire and they forget that there's a forkli or skid steer sitting right next to them. Selling those smaller tires would make for a decent margin and would help build relationships with the customer that could yield the big sales later. I'd also recommend that dealers get familiar with several different radial and bias options for small OTR sales. Nowadays, there's a big range of offerings that can help dealers fit the specific needs of their customers in terms of tread design, price point and other design parameters. at makes the dealer part of the customer's team instead of a commodity. at's positioning for the long haul. BKT: Ask questions and get all the infor- mation you can on what they are doing with the machine, so that one can suggest the correct tire. Every company offers specialist technical help for the dealers. We encourage dealers to use their help. Handling of OTR tires are challenging to dealers because of their weight and size. It requires special handling, lot of storage space and capital. To sell OTR tires and be successful requires dealer commitment and servicing capability. Vehicle downtime created by wrong tires or tires fitted in wrong applications can be very costly. Camso: Take a consultative approach and engage the customer in a conversation about his needs, don't try for a quick sale. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach. Ask questions, reach out to tire manufacturers to funnel down to the best solutions. Recommend aer consultation. Lock in that repeat business and gain knowledge. It's a market with a lot of opportuni- ties where you can separate yourself from competition by becoming a solution provider and OTR expert. Partner with a reliable tire manufacturer. Use online tools. We developed "Sales Intelligence" tools to give dealers and our sales team access to product information, product selector, catalogs and product sheets online. Continental: Know and understand your local market and customer base. Like most OTR tire sales, knowing the customer application is paramount in making good recommendations. Once you match the right tire to those applications, it's really about planning ahead and making sure you

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