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OCT 2018

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M T D O c t o b e r 2 0 1 8 56 S m a l l O T R T i r e s keep an adequate safety stock to cover your customer needs. e market has been really active, and in many cases demand has been outstripping global supply. So planning ahead and having the right tires on hand is really important. Add to that maintaining the right equipment and trained personnel to do the service work and you have a winning combination!" Goodyear: The ability to track the performance of small OTR tires can be sold to end users as an additional benefit. Goodyear's recently enhanced EMTrack OTR tire management system enables faster, more accurate collection of critical tire data like inflation and tread depth levels, as well as immediate tire data uploading to a secure, password-protected cloud-based storage platform. Services like Goodyear EMTrack can help dispel the sometimes-held notion that smaller OTR tires are more of a commodity than their larger counterparts. End users will want to do everything within their power to optimize tire perfor- mance and longevity. Have you established maintenance programs for your small OTR tire customers? Maintaining proper inflation levels is one of the most important contribu- tors to achieving optimal tire performance and longer service life. In addition, are you offering value-added services, like site inspections? The removal of rocks and other potentially harmful items from job sites can contribute to longer tire life. Water management is important, too. Has the site been designed so that water drains from it? Is there standing water that can hide tire-damaging debris? Site inspections can help reduce these risks for end users. Michelin: e important aspect is to understand the customer and the applica- tion. Based on this information, look to provide solutions to the customer that will help them best complete the job with the maximum uptime, productivity, etc. Being able to quickly meet the needs of customers is critical in this environment. Having easy access to tires and informa- tion is critical. e industry is constantly evolving, and staying up to date on the trends and solutions will help one become a trusted source. TBC Brands: Most important tip is to ensure product availability; a down vehicle means the end user is losing money on the job site and less likely to price shop as much as other products. Second is service: Look for ways to out-service the competitor from delivery, quality and even on-site services to reduce equipment downtime. Yokohama: Dealers must make sure they know their market and their customers. By doing so the successful dealer will have both the knowledge to advise the customer (the dealer's advice or recommendation of a tire to an end user is what is taken in over 90% of transactions) and have ordered the correct tire and stock to keep their customers safe and productive. In this age of internet, there is nothing more powerful than a dealer that actually knows their customer and what can make that customer more efficient and effective in their operation. All OTR tires are sold to other businesses – not a casual consumer – and these businesses rely on their partner suppliers to help them be more efficient. e OTR world is unique (just like every | (877) 234-0867 | PREMIUM AGRICULTURAL TIRE LINES HIGH ENDURANCE, LOW COMPACTION! The all round tire for excellent soil protection. The perfect radial tire for both arable and pasture land and for transport activities. Ideal for heavy duty work. A bias tire that performs leaving minimal tracks.

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