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M T D O c t o b e r 2 0 1 8 60 C o m m e r c i a l l y V i a b l e Triangle TRS02 truck tire is available in 10 sizes The Triangle TRS02 all-position truck tire is marketed as a practical solution for regional and urban haul operations. The SmartWay-verified tire offers a long tread life and is built with a durable casing to allow for multiple retreads. Triangle says a split layer compound in the TRS02 delivers long tread life while reducing rolling resistance. A wider footprint also contributes to extended removal miles, the company says. Cornering stability and overall handling are aided by a vari- able sipe concept and undulating tread base grooves. The 10 sizes range from 265/70R19.5 to 11R24.5. Ply ratings range from 14 to 20. TRIANGLE TIRE USA Hercules adds the CH4 to its Terra Trac line Hercules says the Terra Trac CH4 is designed for cargo vans and light trucks and made to endure the high torque and heavy loads critical to commercial applications. The all-season commercial highway tire features a buttress design purpose-built for high-scrub applications. Enhanced tread blocks provide stability during cornering and promote even wear. Microwave sipes create gripping edges to enhance wet traction. A reinforced cross-link tread compound endures high torque and load applications. The line consists of 11 sizes in 15- to 18-inch wheel diameters and accom- modates such popular cargo vans as the Ford Transit, Ram ProMaster, Nissan NV, Mercedes Sprinter and Chevrolet Express, plus light trucks from Dodge, Ford, Chevy and more. HERCULES TIRE & RUBBER CO. Branick offers an inflation cage for small utility tires The Model 2010 Utility Tire Inflation Cage is designed to improve safety when inflating non-highway service (NHS) tires such as lawn and garden, golf cart, scooter and other small tires. Branick says Model 2010 has a slotted top and sides that give visibility to the tire while still providing protection from the small debris common with utility tire failures. The sloped top helps strengthen the cage and prevent items from being placed on top that will become projectiles in a failure. The Model 2010 holds tires up to 16 inches wide and 20.5 inches in diameter with pressures up to 100 psi, yet only requires a 20-inch square of floor space. BRANICK INDUSTRIES INC. Maxam brings a rear farm tire to the U.S. market The MS951R Agrixtra R1W is a rear radial farm tire designed for high-horsepower tractors and harvester equipment applications. Maxam says the tire provides traction in a variety of wet and dry conditions with an advanced tread design and wide footprint to lower soil compaction and minimize soil disturbance. The intelligent self-cleaning tire tread pattern ensures performance in the field, while the premium 45-degree lug profile increases overall ride comfort, reducing vibration on hard surfaces and roads. The tire features a premium compound technology with a reinforced lug design construction for quality and protection from ozone cracking. The MS951R Agrixtra is available in 18 sizes with multiple aspect ratios. MAXAM TIRE NORTH AMERICA INC. Roadmaster RM272 comes in three more sizes Backed by a six-year, two-retread warranty, the Roadmaster RM272 is engineered to withstand the demands of drop deck and spread axle trailers. The tire is now available in sizes 295/75R22.5 LR H, 11R22.5 LR H and 11R24.5 LR H. Cooper says the RM272 features a premium, high-scrub tread compound that provides improved tread wear and long-lasting protection against cutting and chipping in spread axle trailer applications. The stone ejector ribs in the tire's grooves help preserve the casing for retreading, and the rounded shoulder design helps minimize the effect of high lateral forces on the tire. COOPER TIRE & RUBBER CO. Atturo unveils an ST-rated tire for trailers Designed as a complement to Atturo's tires for light trucks and SUVs, the ST200 tire is ST-rated for trailer use with a construction that's meant for heavy loads carried at a higher center of gravity. Offering a variety of ply ratings and high- load index applications made for utility, recreational and work trailers, the ST200 features four channels to help with wet traction and a solid center rib for tracking the tow vehicle on the highway. Atturo says the interlocking shoulder and inner tread blocks improve traction while also providing a quiet ride. The tire is rated for up to 75 mph. ATTURO TIRE CORP.

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