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M T D O c t o b e r 2 0 1 8 76 T P M S SUBJECT VEHICLES: Volvo S-Series S40 (2008-110, S60 (2005-15) and S80 (2005-15). RELEARN PROCEDURE? No. SPECIAL TOOLS NEEDED? A low fre- quency initiator (sensor activation tool) can be used instead of driving. V olvo vehicles do not require a formal reset procedure for any of the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) functions. Tire pressure sensor IDs are auto- matically programmed while driving. See "Reset procedures." e TPMS in the Volvo S-Series S40 (2008-110, S60 (2005-15) and S80 (2005-15) Volvo S-Series 2005-2015 Jeff Buckley Owner of My Father's Shop - Texas BUY IT NOW " I sell more TPMS and tire services than ever before with the ATEQ VT56 and tire tread depth gauge combo. Because of the tool's OE-compliant standards, and vehicle and sensor coverage, I can work on any vehicle that coverage, I can work on any vehicle that comes into my shop, making their tools the most trusted and reliable in the industry. " FUTURE-PROOF TPMS TOOLS uses sensors mounted in the tire valves to check inflation pressure levels. When the vehicle is moving at a speed of 25 mph (40 km/h) or faster, these sensors transmit inflation pressure data to a receiver located in the vehicle. ere are programmed tables in the control module containing the recom- mended air pressure for the vehicle. e information about the air pressure in the tires transmitted from the sensors, is com- pared with the programmed values in the control module. If the tire pressure deviates too much from the recommended value a warning message is displayed in the driver informa- tion module (DIM). NOTE: is system may not function properly if vehicle is equipped with wheels that do not have appropriate tire pressure sensors. TIRE PRESSURE MONITOR WARNING INDICATORS When low inflation pressure is detected, the TPMS will illuminate the tire pressure warning light in the instrument panel, and will display a message in the text window. e wording of this message is determined by the degree of inflation pressure loss. If wheels without TPMS sensors are mounted on the vehicle, TIRE PRESS SYST SERVICE REQUIRED will be displayed each time the vehicle is driven above 25

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