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M T D N o v e m b e r 2 0 1 8 22 Laura Richards CATEGORY MANAGER, TIRES ICAHN AUTOMOTIVE GROUP LLC (PEP BOYS) PHILADELPHIA, PA. AGE: 30 What was your first job in the industry? When I was 12, I learned that if I wanted something, I needed to figure out how I could make the money to get it. Near where I grew up, there is a lake where upper class citizens from the city visit during the spring, sum- mer and fall months. I watched these people schlep their families, suitcases and pets to and from the lake in their Suburbans and Escalades and also noticed that the closest car wash was 30 minutes from the lake. I went home and made colored posters and le one in every mailbox and on their windshields providing the details and pricing for Laura's Detailing Service. I would walk to the lake, and schedule multiple vehicles a day. My dad had given me buckets of detail accessories and an old shop vac to get started, so everything I made was pure profit. What song do you crank up loud and always sing along to? Any Alanis Morrissette or No Doubt song! A true '90's child! What habit do you wish you could break? Stressing out over things where I can't control the outcome. What's the biggest issue facing the tire industry? e industry has really changed this past year. From retailers running distribution to mergers that no one would have previ- ously seen coming. To retain market share, everyone in the industry needs to learn how to advance themselves while being aware of the ever-changing environment we now reside in. My own personal issue with the tire industry is innovation is tough when you are dealing with tires, which are commonly purchased in sets of four and are typically a dreaded purchase for a consumer. It's hard to try to develop a technique or idea that will change that dread for customers and get them excited about a tire purchase. James Crouch NATIONAL PRODUCT MANAGER, AGRICULTURE ALLIANCE TIRE GROUP SIMPSONVILLE, S.C. AGE: 31 WHO & WHERE... Neil Bockrath … 26 Justin Cogdill … 31 Ron Cottrell … 24 James Crouch … 23 Patrice Fitte … 36 Chuck Flannagan … 26 Nick Fox … 38 Natalie Griffin … 31 Richie Howard … 34 Jeremy James … 38 Brandon Johnson … 23 Riley Kentfield … 28 Jarret Kruse … 28 Dave Miller ... 36 Hayley Milne … 28 Robert Pritchett … 34 Laura Richards … 22 Michael Shivers … 31 Boris Shtamm … 30 Joshua Singer … 30 Cari Solano … 36 Andrew Svenson … 23 Mitch Tate … 34 Seth Ten Broeke … 26 Trula Womack … 24 EMERGING LEADERS BUILD THE FUTURE I n 2018, it seems there's no stability le in the tire industry's playbook. ere are disruptions in every channel. e turmoil scares some, but not the 25 people profiled on these pages. For the third year in a row, Modern Tire Dealer is highlighting young leaders On the Rise. ey're not scared of the changes taking place. ey embrace them, crave them, and are looking ahead to the revelations yet to come. Some are new and paving fresh paths in the industry, while others have grown up tagging alongside their parents and grandparents working in tire dealerships, warehouses and manufacturing companies. ey aren't yet 40, but they see a future in tires. Some already are anticipating the day their children join them in the family business. So soak up their optimism and enthusiasm, and let it propel you through another day. And look for full-length profiles of each young leader on our website. — Joy Kopcha

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