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M T D N o v e m b e r 2 0 1 8 24 tips from their engineers covering everything from driving to design, and for the first time I could see myself in the tire industry. In my final year at school, I was the president of the student chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers, and went to Bridgestone's Americas Technical Center in Akron to pitch a sponsorship opportunity. is led to a tour of their Akron facilities where I learned a lot more about the company and what an engineer in a tire company really did. I le these meetings and applied for a job there several months later. How do you spend your work day? I am responsible for managing truck and bus tire development for the Americas. I spend most of my day interacting with engineer- ing, product planning, manufacturing, procurement, sales, supply planning and others to ensure we are developing high quality tires that meet the demands of our customers. What keeps you up at night? I sleep pretty soundly, but my I am always concerned when a customer has a negative experience, and immediately start thinking about what we can be doing to continuously improve our product. Messy or neat freak? I like to maintain an organized mess. Trula Womack DIRECTOR OF MARKETING AND BRAND EXCELLENCE INDY TIRE CENTERS INC. DBA BEST-ONE OF INDY INDIANAPOLIS, IND. AGE: 39 What's your biggest accomplishment in the industry? I joined our team five years ago and planted the fund raising seed. Since then we have raised more than $50,000 for a local children's hospital. What habit do you wish you could break? Over-analyzing everything. Life would be less stressful and I would have fewer greys. What's the biggest challenge you've faced in your career? Starting at square one with a company that had thought its brand was well known in the market, and elevating it within two or three years. We have had record-breaking months and years. Messy or neat freak? I prefer messy neat freak. My piles may seem out of control for some, but I know where everything is. Just don't move my piles. What's the biggest issue facing the tire industry? Employment. Whether you are a tech or working the sales counter, it's hard work. As our company and others like us expand, we are all pulling from the same talent pool. We need more people to consider this industry as a career. Ron Cottrell INSTALLATION COORDINATOR SIMPLE TIRE LLC TREVOSE, PA. AGE: 37 What was your first job in the industry? I was working at a Midas in Roxborough, Pa., as an assistant manager. My day-to-day duties included hiring and training new employees, managing the mechanics, and ordering parts such as brakes, oil filters, wiper blades and, of course, tires. One of my greatest achievements there was more than doubling store sales. Describe your first car and what you loved most about it. My first car was a 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera. I loved that car because I saved my money all summer working at a water park to buy it. What advice would you give your high school self? Just stay focused and don't mind what other people say. At the end of the day the only thing that matters is what you think. If we gave you $1,000 and one hour, how would you spend the money? I would use that money to take my son to Disney World. What's the biggest issue facing the tire industry? e tire industry is 10 years behind other industries in innovation. If you could spend a day supporting a charity, what would you do? I would spend a day with Habitat for Humanity and help build houses. Seth Ten Broeke ACCOUNT MANAGER RHD TIRE INC. GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. AGE: 35 How do you spend your work day? I am on the road Monday through Friday. I am the face of the company for about 75 Ford, Chrysler and GM dealers. It is my responsibility to do anything in my power to grow their sales.

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