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32 Checking All the Boxes W hen it comes to tires, the Sailun brand continues to push the envelope of true value and real-world performance, placing a fi rm focus on where things are going and how to get there for both consumers and tire dealers. Enter the all-new Sailun Inspire, an impressive tire that delivers a balanced for- mula of premium comfort and performance engineered into a very versatile all-season touring tire. Although touring tires don't o en evoke the same thrilling images and excitement of ultra-high-performance tires, they aren't meant to be bland and boring either. The Sailun Inspire fi lls the gap somewhere in between fun and functional. Sailun set out to create a great touring tire with the all-new Inspire. It was essential to produce a product that can capitalize on the growth of replacement tires within the value tier segment by recognizing where the tire industry is headed. These value tier tires are quickly outpacing more costly brand options with consumers on vehicles in North America. With independent tire dealers owning 70% of the replacement tire market — Sailun wanted to deliver the perfect tire for them to sell to consumers. GROWING DEMAND The initial thought behind the Sailun Inspire started several years ago when Sailun's own research, coupled with a study by the experts at GFK, indicated a growing demand for well-balanced all-season tires. More specifi cally, a demand in the touring tire category — where popular compacts, sedans, crossovers and SUVs make up an increasing majority of car sales. The mass market appeal of family-friendly crossovers and SUVs account for 44% of new car sales in North America, a trend we've seen for nearly a decade now. This is precisely why Sailun plans to offer the Inspire in a wide range of 45 popular sizes ranging from a 175/65R14 all the way up to a 235/40R19 designed for passenger cars, crossovers and SUVs in speed ratings from T to W. The entire line will come with a UTQG rating of 520 AA. A LIFESTYLE CHOICE The same study found today's consum- ers are choosing compacts, crossovers and SUVs to meet their more utilitarian lifestyle, which means their tires need to meet that lifestyle too. North American drivers are seeking greater practicality and value than ever before, in addition to a strong balance of everyday comfort and performance. "Expertly engineered and developed here in North America, our dedicated team set out to design the Inspire to the highest of standards," says Christine Rouleau, Director of Corporate Sales, Sailun Tire. "It's a forward-thinking tire design made for our customers' needs now and into the future. The Inspire delivers true value in the touring tire category, and we're thrilled to have TBC on board as our exclusive US-distribution partner. The goal was to produce a great performing tire that's an easy sell for dealers and a smart buy for consumers. We think we've done just that with the Sailun Inspire." PREMIUM FEATURES If you ask the team at Sailun, the Inspire is more than just another touring tire in their wide range of consumer products. It off ers premium features and uses advanced technology to help get more out of the vehicle for years to come. Sailun's Inspire project required over two years of extensive market research, product development and rigorous testing — resulting in a fi nished product everyone could really get behind. Engineered to be quiet, comfortable and secure on the road, the Inspire offers A D V E R T O R I A L Advanced Rubber Compound Proprietary SetraGrip TM compound increases traction, control and longevity in wet and dry conditions All-New Tread Pattern SilentTread TM pattern uses staggered tuning technology and variable pitch sequence for quiet, comfort and safety. 3D Sipe Technology Expands and expels elements/substances between the road and tire, providing confi dent multi-sipe all-season traction, braking and steering control that regenerates with tire wear. Large Square Shoulder Design Increases directional stability and precise steering response by making maximum road contact under hard acceleration, braking, and cornering. 70,000 Mile Warranty Worry-free 70,000 mile limited tread life protection with high quality construction and long-lasting performance. hnology and fety. en the ason tes TBC announces exclusive US-distribution of the all-new Sailun Inspire, an impressive combination of touring tire comfort and all-season performance

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