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33 confi dent all-season performance with a worry-free 70,000 mile limited tread life protection warranty. "Just like the engineering eff orts put behind our Sailun Iceblazer winter tires and the popular Terramax LT/SUV lineup, our proven design philosophy meant we weren't satisfi ed until we had something to rival the best touring tires on the road," says Wayne Cuculuzzi, Director of Consumer Products, Sailun Tire. "We're tremendously proud of what we came up with a er testing a variety of new compounds, formulas and advanced construction techniques. The new Sailun Inspire really checks all the boxes." Created with the latest tire technology and advanced construction at Sailun's state-of-the-art R&D facility, engineers formulated a new long-wear-life SertaGrip™ rubber compound. With it, Sailun is able to increase traction, control and durability with responsive performance measured to outperform competitors in both wet and dry brake testing. "We challenged the professionals at Automotive Driving Solutions and a leading US-based tire testing lab, who work closely with top automotive manufacturers and tire brands, to put the Inspire through a variety of performance, comfort and durability tests," says Mark Pereira, Marketing Communica- tions Manager, Sailun Tire. "Our blind comparison test format means the manufacturer's names are hid- den on every tire to ensure drivers weren't infl uenced by any brands for honest and unbiased feedback. They measured the Inspire against its predecessor, along with several notable competitors with far higher price tags. What we soon discovered, based on the data recorded and third-party test results, is that the new Inspire clearly came out on top, beating out best-in-class competitors and outperforming top tier brands costing nearly twice as much." ADVANCED TREAD DESIGN The all-new SilentTread™ pattern found on the Inspire uses staggered tuning tech- nology to eff ectively reduce road noise and vibration while also enhancing levels of ride comfort and safety. The variable pitch pattern and tread block sequence of the Inspire make it a very quiet tire with impressive stopping performance and wear- resistance. "The advanced 3D multi-sipe technology of the Inspire is engineered to provide extra tread block rigidity by its interlocking action," explains Andrew Li, North American Director of Engineering, Sailun Tire. "The 3D sipe design provides extra biting edges for wet and snowy roads, with interlocking action to deliver confi dent all-season traction, braking and steering control that regenerates with tire wear for longer lasting performance. The large, square shoulder design and optimized casing profi le help increase steering input by making maximum road contact under hard acceleration, braking and cornering. During real-world road tests conducted by professional drivers, the Inspire earned the highest category marks in cornering stability, steering response and braking performance in both city and highway driving versus comparable and higher- priced touring tires." RAISING THE BAR Expect to see and hear more about the all-new Sailun Inspire soon, as it makes its way into tire shops across the United States. The Sailun brand has already kicked off extensive retail customer training and valu- able support to further fuel the excitement for the all-new Inspire and the complete lineup found at "The all-new Sailun Inspire was made to refl ect the trends and order of importance to retailers and consumers when it comes to making smart choices on real features, comfort and practicality, not just brand and image," says Cuculuzzi. "No one likes the feeling of paying more for less, which is why the Inspire represents such compelling value-driven performance, well ahead of the competitors we've tested it against." Outperforming the competition and building upon the success of previous Sailun products was no easy task. Yet, the all-new Sailun Inspire does just that, representing the evolutionary next step towards anticipating where the tire market is going, not just where it is today. ■ 70% share of the replacement tire market is owned by independent tire dealers. For more information about the Sailun Inspire and the full Sailun Tire lineup, call 866-822-4968 or visit GOSAILUN.COM

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