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Matt Jensen, owner of Jensen Tire & Auto, could have written the book on what it means to have Midwestern values. He works hard, his word is his bond, he lends a helping hand to those in need and his name and reputation mean everything to him. In short, he's a great leader of a great company. Jensen Tire & Auto opened its doors in 1973, when Bill Jensen, Matt's father, decided to leave e Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. as an area sales manager to become a Goodyear dealer. Matt bought the business in 1997 and has grown it to 21 retail locations in and around the eastern portion of Nebraska, along with a location in western Iowa. To help manage the business and plan for the future, last year Jensen built a 8,200 square-foot corporate offi ce complex along with a 14,000 square-foot warehouse designed to hold 25,000 tires. Matt has seen tremendous changes in the tire industry during his time in business and he has been quick to react and grow the company with the help and support of Goodyear, his main supplier. "Goodyear is second to none in their support of us. ey have really ramped up their programs in the last two years," says Jensen. Goodyear has provided Jensen with tremendous sales and marketing support through its Tire & Service Network (TSN) program. "By not participating in the program last year, we could not off er some of the benefi ts that Goodyear provided. We found not having those benefi ts cost us sales. e program allows us to off er customers rebates on tires, including a double rebate if they use a Goodyear credit card. Plus, they have spiff s for our salespeople on most G3 products for the entire year." Jensen is ramping up his sales of the Kelly brand, which is a profi table line of tires in his market area. To help celebrate Jensen Tire & Auto's 45th anniversary this year, Goodyear fl ew in its blimp for the festivities. Matt was amazed at the response from the community. "First, the blimp is an American icon. Goodyear fl ew it out of Lincoln and for two days it went back and forth from Omaha to Lincoln. People were actually pulling off the side of Interstate 80 and taking pictures. e greatest thing is that the blimp kept fl ashing our 'Jensen Tire & Auto 45th Anniversary' on its side. It was fantastic," says Jensen. A big believer in sports marketing, Jensen Tire & Auto is a major supporter of all University of Nebraska sports programs at its Lincoln and Omaha campuses, as well as Creighton University. "You'll see our orange signs throughout the venues," says Jensen. Jensen also is a big believer in training, and is pleased that Goodyear provides excellent product and sales training for its tires. "If I don't think a supplier's trainer can do a better job than we do, I won't waste my people's time. I can count on my Goodyear salesperson for excellent training." As Jensen looks to the future, he can smile knowing that his company now has a third generation moving up through the ranks. His sons, Nick and Mike, are both in the business and learning the ropes of running a successful dealership. Having the family nearby also allows Matt to see his three granddaughters with one on the way -- a priceless advantage. ■ A D V E R T O R I A L Goodyear recognizes Jensen Tire & Auto for being an outstanding dealer – let's keep winning together! "Goodyear is second to none in their support of us" Mike Jensen, Matt Jensen and Nick Jensen MATT JENSEN OWNER JENSEN TIRE & AUTO

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