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F o c u s o n I n d u s t r y M T D N o v e m b e r 2 0 1 8 92 review or update it to let people know the issue was resolved. GOING OUT ON HIS OWN Beamer Tire is a relatively "young" busi- ness, opening the first location in High Point in 2009 and the second location in Greensboro in 2014. Beamer decided to open his own shops aer working in the automotive industry for nearly 30 years. "I got started in the tire industry right out of college," he says. "I graduated from Elon here in North Carolina. Goodyear came to the campus looking for managers for their stores and I interviewed with them. "I was not a mechanic, per se, but I did dabble with cars and had owned several cars. I had actually interviewed with a bank on campus first, and then I interviewed with Goodyear and something clicked there. ey needed a manager in my hometown of Greensboro, so I took a job offer from them in 1982." Beamer worked with Goodyear on and off for about 17 years, managing various stores in three different states. He also worked for some dealerships and dabbled in insurance sales. "I le the auto industry to sell insurance for a few years," Beamer says. "I went to a tire dealer here in town to sell insurance and I ended up leaving with a job offer." It was at that job where he had heard about a Merchant's Tire store that was leaving High Point. "e owner of the property needed a tenant to move in, and with the help of the good Lord above that is where I ended up," Beamer says. "e Merchant's people le most of the equipment to the landlord, so the landlord financed that to me. We came in one weekend and painted the office and showroom, and we were open that following Monday." Beamer opened his doors in the middle of the Great Recession and says he was a little concerned about starting a new business on such shaky economic ground. "I pray and pray about everything I do. I really feel my history and training with Goodyear helped, and working for car dealerships for a few years. If I tried to do this 20 years ago, I probably would have failed. I don't feel like I would have been as confident about it." Today his stores are going strong, with 10 employees at the High Point store and five employees at the Greensboro loca- tion. Each store services about 20 to 30 vehicles a day. "We do everything from oil changes to swapping out engines or putting li kits in trucks," he says. "We'll tackle anything that my guys feel confident they can handle professionally." CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND TRUST Beamer has taken a modern approach to operating his business. He combines his extensive knowledge of the automotive industry with a little Southern hospitality to create what he hopes will always be an exceptional service experience for the customer. In many of the online reviews, customers note that Beamer Tire actually saved them money by prioritizing service and giving them options. "You can't get a better group of people to work on your car. Very nice, very professional, very knowledgeable! ey also look for ways to save you money instead of ways to cost you more," states a recent customer review by Samuel Noyes. "Extremely knowledgeable about vehicles and parts. ey didn't try to sell me on services I didn't want like most places do," states another review by Crystal Hinson. While a lot of places are quick to throw prices at you, Beamer makes it a priority to discuss the proposed service in detail and give the customer options on how they should proceed. "People want to know if it's a safety matter, do they need it done right away or is it preventive maintenance that could save them money down the road," Beamer explains. Beamer Tire's number one priority is customer satisfaction, and they host weekly meetings to discuss ways they can enhance their customers' experience. Beamer says being honest, being fair and having good communication with the customer are some of the biggest ways they've earned repeat business. Whether you're a store manager or a technician in the bay, every Beamer Tire employee knows how to "talk" to the customer. "A main point of emphasis is making sure were communicating on the customer's level," Beamer says. "I catch the guys all the Ronnie Grillo, left, and Randy Everhardt are sales managers at the High Point location. All of Beamer's managers have the authority to take care of customers however they need to. Priority number one is customer satisfaction. COURTESY OF BEAMER TIRE Buddy Gaither, the Greensboro store manager, stresses good communication. TODD TURNER PHOTOGRAPHY

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