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F o c u s o n I n d u s t r y M T D N o v e m b e r 2 0 1 8 94 ◆ Space saving ◆ No fumes and disturbing noise ◆ Works on a wide variety of tire sizes ◆ Guarantees workshop quality at your customer's driveway ◆ Easy to install and operate E-cube IncludEs: ◆ 15 Gallon 3 HP compressor ◆ German HAWEKA centering ◆ AC/DC and DC/DC charging ◆ 1200W pure sine wave inverter ◆ 48V Smart Lithium or AGM battery bank ◆ Semi automatic tire changer 10" - 24" ◆ 2D balancer for mobile application Come see our demos at SEMA, booth #42191 (Lower South Hall) Come see our demos at SEMA, booth #42191 (Lower South Hall) For sales inquiries please call 800.452.5010 really want to see the tire, and if they do I'll go in the back and bring one for them to put their hands on." Instead, Beamer offers a clean, com- fortable, nicely decorated waiting area, more like a doctor's office than a tire and automotive repair facility. "Seventy-five percent of my customers are women," he says. "More and more women are taking care of the cars. We see fewer men in our showroom so why not make it more feminine appealing then male appealing? "I don't have pictures of race cars or parts on the wall. My wife decorated the showrooms and she keeps up with it." AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION Even with his strong customer base, Beamer is always trying to find new ways to stay one step ahead of his competitors. "We make random phone calls from month to month and ask our competition questions that we get from customers to see how they answer them so we can stay one step ahead of them," he says. "at's my big secret. But if you don't do that, then you're not really in business to get better." While there's no shortage of competition around Beamer's locations, his positive online reviews, inviting atmosphere and quality service keep customers coming back. He says if you have those things, the sales numbers will take care of themselves. "I don't do business for the numbers, I do business to take care of people and their cars. Once people know they can trust you, you don't have to worry about the numbers." ■ Shana O'Malley-Smith is a freelance writer living in northeast Ohio. She specializes in the automotive aftermarket. At his High Point, N.C., location, Beamer has earned a Google rating of 4.7 stars.That's an impressive number, but Beamer says he wants more. COURTESY OF BEAMER TIRE

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