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—7— Your Car Is Making That Squealing Noise fl uid on a belt requires a belt replacement by you or your car care professional. The fluids cause softening and separation of the belt construction and attract debris, which erodes the pulley surfaces, causes the belt to fray, and thus makes a lot of unwanted noise. This could even cause the belt to jump off. BELT CRACKING When a vehicle has been in service too long, cracking can occur and signal conditions such as pulley problems, too much heat, or tension, which can lead to belt noise or car screeching. Be sure to have a mechanic check this one out. FRAYED EDGES Frayed edges on a belt are an indication of a rough pulley surface, pulley misalignment, or shaft damage. As the edges are shredded, and fiber cords protrude from the belt, this can damage other components, such as the A/C compressor or other expensive parts. The fraying cords can cause personal injury, so watch your fi ngers and hands, or hire someone in the know to keep your engine noise down, and you and your car safe. The life of a belt is a stressful one. Exposed to tremendous pressure every day, it is positioned in a hostile environment of intense engine heat and is easily subject to chemical contamination and misalignment. Make sure a trained and trusted professional is always part of your car care regimen and only attempt the maintenance you feel capable of performing safely. 4 5

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