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—15— L ife gets hectic, and it's hard to slow down to perform mundane tasks that take us away from other obligations. However, postponing certain tasks comes with a heavy price tag. A perfect example is servicing and maintaining a car. Neglecting it means more hassles, and lost time and money down the road. The best technicians are those that help car owners understand the need for regular maintenance. TRANSMISSION FLUID EXCHANGE One of the most important jobs of the auto specialist is transmission maintenance. It is a critical part of the automobile's engine system with many moving parts. One essential part of its maintenance is replacing the old transmis- sion fl uid or having the fl uid exchanged. Internal gear wear can sometimes result in metal shavings fl oating around in the transmission fl uid as a vehicle gets older. A fl uid exchange drains old fl uid, and if the technician uses an exchange and fi ll device, he can extract fl uid from the transmission, lines, and cooler. However, is a fl uid exchange alone enough to maintain op- timal performance for a vehicle's transmission? TRANSMISSION FILTER CHANGE While some shops may suggest that a fl uid change is all that is needed, a transmission specialist would strongly advise you to add a fi lter change to that service. Simply changing the fl uid does not clean the fi lter. Transmission specialists encourage new fi lters for peak car performance. WHEN TO CHANGE The best time to change a car's fi lter is at the recommended transmission fl uid change interval that you fi nd in the vehicle owner's manual. Most auto manufacturers recommend a transmission service every 30,000 miles. Some vehicles track fl uid life inside the on- board computer and give the driver a warning when they are nearing its useful end. Technicians can check for two other signs that it might be time for a transmission fi lter change. If the fl uid smells burnt, or if it turns a dark color, the fl uid needs to be changed. The fi lter should go too since it has likely absorbed a lot of old dirty fl uid. Another indica- tion is if the driver begins to experience unusual transmis- sion behavior, either in the form of clunky gearshifts or unusual noises. These can also be clues that the fi lter and fl uid need to be replaced, even if this occurs between the recommended service intervals. While a change in the fl uid can make a big difference and needs to be done regularly, a transmission service is not truly complete un- less the fi lter is changed as well. As part of a system, completing both is crucial to keeping all the moving parts running smoothly. Transmission Service: THE WHOLE PACKAGE TRANSMISSION FILTERS

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