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M T D D e c e m b e r 2 0 1 8 52 2 0 1 8 S E M A S h o w removed and re-installed using the same Bolt Biter socket. GearWrench said that's a big benefit when working with non- standard parts. Here are three more benefits: 1. No hammering. e socket is placed onto the rounded, dull fastener. 2. It's easier to disengage the socket from the fastener once the fastener is removed. 3. e Bolt Biter extraction sockets will last longer than sockets that cut into the fastener. GearWrench says the Bolt Biter extraction sockets will last 10 times longer than other fastener extractors. Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets can be used with both hand and power tools. ey incorporate a square drive with a hex outer shape for easy use with an impact gun, ratchet, wrench or pliers. EBAY WANTS TO BE YOUR SUPPLIER One year aer unveiling a partnership with American Tire Distributors Inc. (ATD) to provide tire installation to customers, eBay Motors said ATD's TireBuyer remains its lone service partner. When asked about its ongoing relation- ship with ATD, given the tire distributors' bankruptcy, Jordan Hettinga, senior director of parts and accessories for eBay Motors, said, "We're all in." TireBuyer provides eBay shoppers with 9,000 tire installation locations. Hettinga said the tire installation service has "gone great," and that eBay continues to look for ways to improve the experience for consumers. He used the availability of manufacturer rebates as an example. He said eBay is working on "how we highlight that with the installation to drive the best value to the customer. We want to make sure we take advantage of these things." When asked if eBay is looking for other installation partners, Hettinga said eBay is "constantly evaluating how we can expand and do more. e great news about a marketplace platform is it gives us an opportunity to start in one place and grow it from there." But he also said the company isn't set up to sign up installers one at a time. "Our goal is to capture as many as possible by casting a wide net." Aside from tires, eBay Motors has launched a service tool it thinks will help professional technicians, as well as do-it- yourselfers, find the right part for every repair. Shop by Diagram makes schematic diagrams of vehicles interactive. eBay technology matches parts listings with the visual diagrams, and the company guarantees fitment for the year, make and model of the vehicle when selected by the shopper. Hettinga says, "A lot of what we're work- ing on right now is reminding shops that we're here as a viable parts source. It's about getting the word out to shops, 'hey you're used to shopping on a visual diagram; here's a way to do it.'" FREE SERVICES HELP BOOST PROFITS Visitors to the Mighty Auto Parts booth learned about two business services designed to improve a shop's profitabil- ity. e services are available to any tire dealer, according to Gary Vann, senior vice president of marketing for Mighty Distributing System of America Inc. e Performance Watch service is a free analysis of a shop's preventive maintenance services designed to uncover sales opportunities. Comparative data is used to quantify the profit opportunities along with specific steps to capitalize on them. "e analysis looks at 20 categories of services and compares their performance to national averages, which reveals profit opportunities," said Vann. He cited an example of a shop that sold seven batteries out of 216 oil changes in a single month, or 3%. e national average is 15%, which means 33 batteries should have been sold for a profit potential increase of $4,284.74. "is quantifies what the shop owner already knows. We put a number to it. en come the solutions. Let's train, incentivize and make batteries a part of inspections and see if we can get those sales up," said Vann. e other free service is called Custom Vehicle Inspection Forms. A vehicle inspec- tion form is customized with a shop's logo, hours of operation and points of inspection. Five templates are available. ■ Jordan Hettinga is an ASE technician who joined eBay after working for Snap-On and JD Power and Associates. He said at eBay, "Tires still remain a very strategic focus for us." Gary Vann showed booth visitors how Mighty Auto Parts' free maintenance service anal- ysis and customizable vehicle inspection form services can boost a shop's profitability.

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