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57 w w w . M o d e r n T i r e D e a l e r . c o m JOHNSON CONTROLS ANSWERS AGM QUESTIONS Focus group research conducted by John- son Controls International plc found that awareness and understanding of Absorbed Glass-Mat (AGM) batteries are low even though the technology has been available for 30 years. e research also found that difficulty articulating the benefits of AGM batteries and a misperception about the price contributes to technicians' reluctance to recommend AGM batteries when the benefits would solve many of their customers' frustrations about battery reliability, safety and durability. The focus group provided insights between what consumers want and what technicians are recommending, according to Tanya Hines, vice president of global sales and marketing. Johnson Controls has resources designed to help technicians translate the technical features of AGM batteries into consumer benefits: e Battery Shop YouTube channel and the website. "By understanding the benefits of AGM, they can address consumer needs and frustra- tions," Hines said. CENTRIC PARTS HAS NEW PREMIUM BRAKE PAD e Centric Parts division of APC Automo- tive Technologies LLC has released Posi Quiet Pro, a premium performance disc brake pad. Paul Wise, vice president of corporate marketing and communications for APC, said the flagship brake pad line, known as PQ Pro for short, addresses key service issues such as brake fade, weak braking response, excessive noise and time consuming break-in procedures. Every set of PQ Pro brake pads is backed by a 1-year Centric-Assured Roadside Assistance Guarantee. "e installer has no comebacks, no complaints and no wor- ries," said Wise. PERMATEX OFFERS DEGREASER AND PARTS CLEANER New Spray-Nine Grez-Off Parts Cleaner and Degreaser is the only product in the market that can be used as both a traditional spray degreaser and a parts cleaner solution, according to Donny Braga, senior marketing and product manager for the Permatex divi- sion of ITW (Illinois Tool Works Inc.). He said the biodegradable and aqueous-based formulation is a much safer alternative than traditional solvent-based degreasers and parts cleaners. e cleaner also features a proprietary corrosion inhibiting formula that prevents flash rusting. It is non-flammable and does not generate fumes. ■ D U R A B L E S P E C I A LT Y T I R E S D U R A B L E S P E C I A LT Y T I R E S DEESTONETIREUSA.COM CONTACT US AT 281-600-TIRE A Leader in Specialty Tires Deestone does it all... farm, tractor, implement, industrial, loader dozer, compactor, grader. The Deestone group is one of Thailand's leading multi-national companies & our tires are always duty-free. Tanya Hines said Johnson Controls' YouTube channel and website presents information to help technicians trans- late the features of AGM batteries into benefits that resonate with consumers. Paul Wise said the new PQ Pro premium brake pad line has more than 903 SKUs, covering 74 vehicle makes and more than 1,500 models from 1961-2019. Permatex's Donny Braga said Spray- Nine Grez-Off Parts Cleaner and Degreaser is ideal for the two- or three- bay shop that does not want to invest in a professional parts cleaning system.

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