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F a r m T i r e s M T D D e c e m b e r 2 0 1 8 68 Agriflex+ 389, which is the world's first VF flotation tire. is tire can operate at up to 30% less pressure than a standard radial flotation tire, and it is also optimized for use with a central tire inflation system (CTIS). We are looking ahead and seeing how we can further reduce compaction, and combining our advanced tire technology with CTIS is one of the next big steps. Apollo Vredestein: Vredestein has embraced the VF technology, offering Vredestein Traxion Optimall as our VF tire. e Traxion Optimall, introduced in November 2017, allows lower inflation pressure in the field and a larger footprint than our current IF offerings. BKT: BKT has a VF sprayer tire (Spargo) that is rated to run at 40 mph. It is also rated to carry the heavy weight needed for sprayers. We have added several new sizes to this lineup. We make IF tires in the Rib 713 (radial implements) in 15-inch sizes. We make VF tires in the SR713 in a couple of 22.5-inch sizes. We are making a couple of IF/VF sizes in the AW711 (radial implement) in 17- and 18-inch sizes. We continue to add sizes to these groups as demand increases for them. BKT's Agrimax Force is an IF rated tire made for higher horsepower tractors and rated to run at 40 mph. e Agrimax V-Flecto is a new VF tractor tire that BKT is building with lower aspect ratios. We continue to add sizes as needed. Bridgestone: e latest advancement in the technology has been the release of IF/CFO tires. CFO stands for Cyclic Field Operations, which is the service found on combines and grain carts. On combines and grain carts, the grain bin is filled and emptied in the field, changing the axle weight in a cyclical pattern. IF/CFO tires are designed to carry the heavier loads found on the Class 8 and 9 combines without needing 50 to 60 psi. ese tires are also used on single-axle 1,300-bushel grain carts. Michelin: New central tire inflation sys- tems (CTIS) are being used in conjunction with IF and VF tires. CTIS enables a tractor operator to change tire pressures on the go for optimum performance when changing from road conditions to field conditions. Footprint boards placed under the tires will showcase differences in tire footprints from road to field. e tire pressure can be adjusted with the touch of a button on the tractor's control panel. CTIS is widely used in Europe and has been increasingly used in North America to minimize compaction and increase traction, fuel economy and tire performance. Trelleborg: In addition to new IF and VF tire sizes released, Trelleborg is advancing this range by combining it with Trelleborg technology. Each new tire is developed with the patented ProgressiveTraction design to improve traction, inter-lug terraces for superior self-cleaning, and side wings for a wider footprint. A wider footprint on the same tire size reduces pressure on the ground and directly reduces soil compaction. ■ Titan says the Goodyear-branded LSW1400 is a super single VF tire designed to elimi- nate power hop and road lope, reduce soil compaction and improve flotation. The VF sizes in Trelleborg's new TM3000 range are designed to carry a high load capacity while reducing soil compaction during spreading operations. The Vredestein Traxion Optimall has a high-tech rubber compound in the shoulder area to support the carcass at low pressure for extreme deflection. PHOTO: TITAN PHOTO: TRELLEBORG PHOTO: APOLLO VREDESTEIN

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