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M T D J a n u a r y 2 0 1 9 32 2 0 1 9 F a c t s S e c t i o n : T i r e S h i p m e n t s THE GREAT DEPRESSION WORLD WAR II KOREAN CONFLICT ARAB OIL EMBARGO 1929 1939 1949 1959 1969 A record 214.3 million domesti- cally produced and imported passenger tires were shipped in the U.S. in 2018. That's nearly 30 million more than 10 years ago! Truck tires also set a record with 21 million units shipped, topping the previous highwater mark of 19.5 million tires set last year. And the 31.3 million light truck tire shipments were not far off from the high of 31.4 million in 2016. ailand again shipped more passenger (34 million) and light truck (6.4 million) tires to the U.S. than any other country. Based on shipments alone, it was a good year for independent tire retailers and wholesalers. When asked about their full-year dollar sales projections in October, most of them were optimistic. Close to 66% of the retailers responding to Modern Tire Dealer's Exclusive State-of- the-Industry Survey estimated their tire sales would be up in 2018, the highest level of optimism since 2010. ey also said sales would be up by an average of 10%. Independent tire wholesalers were a little more cautious. Although 70.6% reported their sales were up aer three quarters, 64.8% projected they would be up at the end of the year. e average increase in dollar sales was 12%. What about next year? John Healy, a managing director and research analyst with Northcoast Research Holdings LLC, says there are a number of economic factors that could affect tire shipments in 2019. "We see tariffs, consumer-related items (e.g., confidence and employment levels), and global auto sales as the big three items to monitor in 2019. Tariffs as they relate to global production and sourc- ing and other factors as they relate to the always import supply/demand dynamics. From our perspective, there are reasons to be cautiously optimistic on most of these fronts. "Compared to this time last year, inventory levels for dealers are much improved from the elevated levels at the end of 2017. Manufac- turers seem to be a lot more disciplined in their produc- tion approaches and this rationalization has led to much leaner inven- tories." ■ NEW P-METRIC AND LT TIRE SIZES/SKUS IN 2019 (NOT COUNTING TEMPORARY SPARES OR ADDITIONAL RIM CONTOURS ADDED TO EXISTING LT SIZES) P215/40R19 XL LT235/60R18 LRD LT235/75R18 LRE LT275/50R22 LRC/E LT275/55R22 LRE LT295/55R22 LRE 32x9.50R15LT LRB 35x10.50R17LT LRE 37x14.50R20LT LRE 37x14.50R24LT LRF 38x15.50R22LT LRE 38x15.50R24LT LRF 42x15.50R26LT LRD 42x15.50R28LT LRE 44x15.50R28LT LRD SOURCE: TIRE & RIM ASSOCIATION TIRES, TIRES AND MORE TIRES! A RECORD NUMBER REACHED THE U.S. AFTERMARKET IN 2018

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