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P u b l i s h e r ' s N o t e s M T D J a n u a r y 2 0 1 9 6 driving to a job site. It didn't matter that I sat between two heavy smokers with the ashtray right in front of my face — to this day, even though I am a non-smoker, I can honestly say I probably have inhaled more second hand smoke than just about anyone else. And it was always with great pride that I can say I could find the right tool, the right pipe fitting or deliver a nice cold cup of water from our thermos jug when my named was called. And let me tell you about the pay. We'd stop at this new start-up franchising eatery called McDonald's, or maybe stop at a Red Barn (those of you from Ohio probably remember them). But mainly we'd stop at a small diner where the waitresses were always friendly. There was a Howard Johnson's restaurant in Wooster, Ohio, where we would sometimes stop and I'd get a great hot glazed donut and chocolate milk. If I played my cards right, the one waitress would always sneak me a refill on the milk. I also talked with the service station owners. Some were characters who I remember to this day. But most of them had the entrepreneurial spirit and drive. Most of them also knew I loved cars, mainly because I'd stick my head inside the engine compartment and ask them non-stop questions while they were trying to work on a car, such as why they put that glob of goop on the tire when they were manually struggling to mount it on a rim. ey'd also allow me to take home their old copies of trade magazines — and on the rare occasion where we would be cleaning up an abandoned station, I would find old "Motor" manuals that listed all sorts of repair procedures, including specifications for engines. I would memorize every engine fit- ment, size and horsepower ratings from those 1950s through 1960s cars. It was great fun to know more about cars than my friends. So there you have it — my reflections on how I somehow stumbled upon the great opportunity of publishing a magazine about an industry I thoroughly enjoy. Oh yeah, there's one more connection that brings this anniversary year to life for me, and that's a photograph which hangs on my office wall. I found it in a family photo album many years ago. It's a photo of my great-uncle Pete working in a tire shop circa 1921. I hope all of you have equally fond memories about how you became part of this dynamic industry. And I look forward to creating more great memories in the years to come. ■ a thank you note "This, the first issue of Tires and Accessories, marks the advent of a trade journal which we believe will perform a definite mission in the great industry to which it is exclusively devoted. The need for a publication rendering specialized, practical service to manufacturers, jobbers and dealers alike has long been felt in the tire and accessory industry, and the purpose of Tires and Accessories is to fill this need, thereby taking its place as an important factor in the development and forward progress of the industry it shall serve." These are the first words written in Tires & Accessories magazine, founded by Edward Lyman Bill Inc. in August 1919. The magazine has changed its name a half-dozen times over the years, finally becoming Modern Tire Dealer in 1959. Our goal then, as it is now, is to provide you all of the information necessary to be successful. Since day one, we've strived to be an integral part of the tire industry. "Tires and Accessories will be a clearing house for ideas and you should be a member of this clearing house." As you can tell from this quote in our first issue, we've long realized that exchanging information and ideas is a two-way street, and the feedback we've received from everyone over the years has been amazing. Thank you very much from all of us at Modern Tire Dealer. OUR GOAL THEN, AS IT IS NOW, IS TO PROVIDE YOU ALL OF THE INFORMATION NECESSARY TO BE SUCCESSFUL. 1942 1953 1959 1969 (50 YEARS)

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