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T P M S M T D J a n u a r y 2 0 1 9 76 [ 8 5 5 ] 8 7 7 - 9 7 3 2 Same Solid TPMS Tool New and Exciting Features! ® Simply plug in and decode the VIN for faster, more accurate TPMS Diagnostics and Service! Industry's Best [866]407-TPMS Bartec Technical Support W i - F i U p d a t i n g O n l y o n t h e T e c h 4 0 0 P r o ! Easier! Faster! Accurate! 6) See "Calibration completion check." NOTE: e calibration check process will be interrupted if the vehicle moves. If the indicator does not go off aer 2 seconds, keeps blinking, or stays on when the vehicle is in the ON mode, see the appropriate manufacturer service information. CALIBRATION COMPLETION CHECK Check if calibration is completed by doing the following: 1) Stop the vehicle and shi into neutral (M/T) or P or N (A/T, CVT) position. 2) Turn the ignition switch to LOCK (0), or press the engine start/stop button to select the OFF mode. 3) Turn the ignition switch to ON (II), or press the engine start/stop button to select the ON mode and wait to see the low pressure indicator come on for 2 seconds and then off. 4) Do not drive the vehicle and wait for 45 seconds as is. 5) If the calibration is completed, the indicator does not come on. If the calibration is not yet completed, then the indicator will come on for 2 sec- onds and then go off. DEMOUNTING/MOUNTING PROCEDURES NOTE: is vehicle is equipped with an indirect TPMS. e vehicle is not equipped with tire pressure sensors mounted on the wheels, so there is no need for mount or demount instructions. NOTE: Whenever the pressure has been adjusted on one or more tires, tires have been rotated, or one or more tires have been replaced, the TPMS must be calibrated. See "Reset procedures." CAUTION: e TPMS may not function properly if tire type and size are mixed. Make sure to use the same size and type of tire. ■ Information for this column comes from the tire pressure monitoring systems data in ProDemand®, Mitchell 1's auto repair information software for domestic and import vehicles. Headquartered in Poway, Calif., Mitchell 1 has provided quality repair information solutions to the automotive industry since 1918. For more information, visit To read archived TPMS articles, visit TPMS columns on demand Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) columns are presented in each issue of Modern Tire Dealer, courtesy of Mitchell 1. Here is a rundown of the columns in 2018, available on in the digital editions found at the bottom of our home page. All of our TPMS columns are available on demand, covering well over 100 makes and models. Simply type in TPMS in the search bar. January Porsche 911, vehicle model years 2006-2017 February Cadillac CTS, model years 2008-2015 March Volkswagen: 2004-2006 Phaeton and 2004-2017 Touareg April Dodge Grand Caravan, model years 2011-2017 May Kia Sedona 2006-2014 June 2007-2014 Mazda3 and Mazda2 vehicles July Mercedes-Benz C-Class (204) – 2008-2015 August Chevrolet Cobalt 2008-2010, Pontiac G5 2008-2009, 2010 Pontiac G5 (Canada) and Pontiac G6 2008-2010 September 2011-2018 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX October Volvo S-Series 2005-2015 November Toyota Corolla 2008-2018, and Corolla iM 2008-2017 December Fiat 500 Series 2012-2018

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