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21 w w w . M o d e r n T i r e D e a l e r . c o m least one sidewall with the letters "M" and "S" (e.g., MS, M/S, M&S, M+S, etc.) plus a pictograph of a mountain with a snowflake. e mountain pro- file shall have a minimum base of 15 mm and a minimum height of 15 mm and shall contain three peaks with the middle peak being the tallest. Inside the mountain there shall be a six-sided snowflake having a minimum height of one-half the tallest peak." — (USTMA/RAC) "e 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol brought a performance standard, albeit a very narrow one, to tire ratings," says Rogers. "Unlike M+S, the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake is like a merit badge. You've actually accomplished something." Rogers says the standard reference test tire (SRTT) mentioned in the severe snow conditions bulletin is the Uniroyal Tiger Paw, which has a fixed specification for how it's made and how it's compounded. "Its performance hasn't really changed while it's been the SRTT." WINTER VS. SNOW Over the last 20 years, snow tires have transformed into "winter" tires because they can grip not only on snow and ice, but also on dry and wet road surfaces in low temperatures. MA X STOP All-Season Performance Premium Ride Comfort 42 Sizes on Popular Fitments 70,000 Mile Tread Warranty 24/7 Roadside Assistance MAXTOUR LX When it comes to braking, every foot is worth a mile. In a recent 60–0 mph wet braking test, the Maxtour LX stopped shorter than the competition. Introducing the GT Radial Maxtour LX. 140. 7 FT 132. 8 FT 143. 5 FT 144. 3 FT Visit and experience the performance. All trademarks, service marks and product names are the property of their respective owners. Test conducted in Q1 of 2019. Tires tested were size 215/55R17. Individual results may vary depending on vehicle type, tire maintenance, driving style, and road conditions. LEADING COMPETITOR C LEADING COMPETITOR B LEADING COMPETITOR A U.S. PASSENGER TIRE UNITS SHIPPED 2004-2018 (in millions) Year Overall Winter %winter 2018 216.1 5.2 2.4% 2017 209.3 5.3 2.5% 2016 207.7 5.9 2.8% 2015 205.9 7.0 3.4% 2014 206.6 6.9 3.3% 2013 201.6 4.9 2.4% 2012 192.0 5.6 2.9% 2011 196.5 6.8 3.4% 2010 198.7 5.8 2.9% 2009 184.0 5.1 2.9% 2008 195.0 5.3 2.7% 2007 205.0 4.5 2.2% 2006 199.1 4.2 2.1% 2005 205.8 4.5 2.1% 2004 199.4 4.2 2.1% SOURCES: U.S. TIRE MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION, MODERN TIRE DEALER The Continental VikingContact 7 winter tire was runner-up in the Tire and Related Product Category of the SEMA Show's New Product Awards competition.

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