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M T D M a r c h 2 0 1 9 44 P a s t , P r e s e n t , F u t u r e : G e n d e r D i v e r s i t y P erhaps the most famous female tire dealer of all time is Chanice Kobolowski. She was owner of Ko- bolowski Tires in Chicago. Doesn't ring a bell? Here's a hint: e dealer- ship's tagline was "For the best in tires, see Chanice Kobolowski." Any fan of the film "Uncle Buck" would recognize the name Chanice Kobolowski. Played by Amy Madigan, she was the girlfriend of the title character, played by John Candy. And despite her popularity, that about sums up the number of fictional female tire dealers on the silver screen. In the real world, however, women have been successfully running independent tire dealerships for at least 100 years. Modern Tire Dealer knows that because it has been interviewing them since August 1919. In our first issue, under our original name Tires & Accessories, we ran a story on Mrs. N.E. Love, who managed a store in St. Louis (see the reprinted article on pages 46 and 48). In our second issue, we talked with Mrs. Josephine Roberts, manager of a United Tire Stores outlet in Indianapolis. It shouldn't surprise anyone in our industry that the average tire dealer is a Caucasian male in his 50's. But there has always been room for women interested in running or owning a tire dealership. Both Love and Roberts said so. Love said a career in the tire business is all right for women "who are adapted to it," and there is nothing disagreeable about it. She found it pleasant competing with men, and said she always received every courtesy from her male competitors. Most of her customers were men, she added. Roberts echoed those views. "If a woman makes a serious study of her business, she can compete with the men in handling tires. "Personally, I like the tire business because I would rather sell to men than to women and most of the tire buyers are men." WOMEN TIRE BUYERS "Less than 50% of an independent tire dealer- ship's customers are women." 2006 MTD Women & Tires Dealer Study "Women buy… 65% of new tires." Par Excel- lence magazine, Dec. 2009 "Women buy 60% of all passenger tires." Bonnie Marlow, assistant program manager, K&M Tire Inc., K&M Tire Dealer Trade Show, 2013 There is some discrepancy as to the number of women tire buyers, or the influ- ence women have on the tire buying process. Randy Ladd, owner of BrightLine Marketing LLC, has been tracking tire purchasing since 2009. "e BrightLine Tire Survey has included interviews with 15,000 tire decision makers each year since 2009," he says. "e 'decision maker' label is very important because the BrightLine Tire Survey asks respondents questions about why they selected a specific tire brand or tire retailer. Only the decision maker can answer these questions. Female tire dealers 'FOR THE BEST IN TIRES, SEE CHANICE KOBOLOWSKI' Bob Ulrich By According to BrightLine Marketing research, men decide which brand to purchase and retailer to frequent more often than women when buying tires. SOURCE: BRIGHTLINE MARKETING LLC (WWW.BRIGHTLINEMARKETING.COM) GENDER ANALYSIS OF THE TIRE BUYING PROCESS Juanita Purcell shared the MTD Tire Dealer of the Year Award in 2004. Diane Hennelly shared the MTD Tire Dealer of the Year Award in 2013. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 Men 59.6% 59.5% 59.5% 60.3% 60.4% 61.3% 40.4% 40.5% 40.5% 39.7% 39.6% 38.7% Women

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