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MAR 2019

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M T D M a r c h 2 0 1 9 46 M RS. N. E. LOVE has arrived in St. Louis. You can tell that by the vermilion splash at the northeast corner of Twelh and Chestnut streets and the other kind of splash in the local tire pool. When Mrs. Love went to St. Louis for the Wilson Tire and Rubber Co., of Springfield Ill., the first thing that she did, aer picking out the Twelh and Chestnut streets corner as a good place to make her jump into St. Louis tiredom, was to hunt up a painter and order him to take a bucketful of his yellowest yellow paint and spread it over the front and side of the building. Mrs. Love says it's orange. Well, all right, let's call it orange. Whatever its name it did the business. Every motorist who came by, and Twelh street and Chestnut street swarm with machines, SAW that corner and wondered who was moving in and what was the main idea anyhow. Mrs. Love gave the paint time enough to soak in and the curiosity of motorists long enough to bubble over, and then she handed the painter a piece of paper and a sketched design of a tire rampant, coming at you at an angle of 45 degrees, and told him to put that on the Chestnut street side of the building and to put it there big! e painter went to work and at the end of the day the motorists homeward bound read on the yellow (beg pardon, orange) side of the building, inside of the tire rampant, the word WEARWELL; on one side, "e tire that is true to its name," and on the other side, "Save 40 per cent on tires and tubes." at was what you might call a good sign. at is, it caught the eye, it introduced to motorists a tire with a name which would stick and wear well, backed up with a slogan easy to remember, and clinched with a proffered saving of 40 per cent. P a s t , P r e s e n t , F u t u r e : G e n d e r D i v e r s i t y A Woman, Yellow Paint and Tires! Here's a Combination at Has Been Stirring ings Up in St. Louis - A Yellow Spread at Proves to be A Sales Builder and How It Is Applied by Mrs. Love BY F. A . BE H Y M E R T I R E S & A C C E S S O R I E S T IRE selling as a business career for women is all right, according to Mrs. N. E. Love, but she qualifies her opinion very strongly by prefixing "some" to women. However, she has proven herself decidedly capable not only as a saleswoman, but as an organizer and executive as well. Her chief selling approach is a dash of yellow paint and in her comparatively short selling career she has established yellow tire sentinels in several mid-west cities. at in her particular case the "yellow streak" pays is demonstrated by the fact that during the first six weeks her St. Louis branch was running it did a business totaling five figures.

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