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P e r f o r m a n c e H a n d b o o k 2 0 1 9 12 B a s i c T r a i n i n g 20. On low-aspect ratio tires or tires with a stiffer sidewall, it is also helpful to lubricate the inner liner of the tire from the bead toe to approximately 1-2 inches on the inside of the tire. 21. If the assembly has a TPMS sensor, the sensor must be positioned opposite the demount/mount head. Position the demount/mount head so it is as close as possible to the rim flange without touching, and then place the tire over the front half of the rim so the bead crosses over the front half of the head while it is under the back half at an angle. 22. Step on the appropriate pedal to turn the assembly and mount the bottom bead of the tire, making sure the traction point remains slightly behind the sensor and bead remains in the drop center. 23. Aer the bottom bead is mounted, the sensor must be repositioned opposite the demount/mount head. 24. The bead behind the traction point must be completely in the drop center before rotating the assembly to mount the top bead. 25. Before inflating any tire, make sure the valve core is removed. 26. When aluminum or alloy wheels are secured from the outside, the clamps must be extended so the assembly is free of the machine, and then retracted so the tire and wheel lays flat on the table. 27. Attach the clip-on chuck on the end of the inflation hose to the valve stem, and then press on the inflation pedal to begin inflating the tires. 28. Aer the tire has an initial seat, stand outside the trajectory and continue inflating the tire until both beads are completely seated against the flanges. In most cases, the beads should seat before the inflation pressure reaches 40 psi. However, on some low aspect ratio and run-flat tires, the tire will require more than 40 psi to seat the beads; in these instances, the assembly must be placed in a restraining device and inflated with an in-line valve and pressure gauge with a sufficient length of hose to keep the technician safe. 29. Once the beads are seated, inflate the tire to the recommended inflation pressure listed on the vehicle placard or in the owner's manual. For more information on TIA training, visit rubber snap-in valve stems found on light truck tires should not be lubricated. 18. Before attempting to mount any tire, the rim surface should be lubricated from the transition between the drop center and the bead seat area to the inside of the rim flange. 19. e beads of the tire must also be lubri- cated from the bead toe to the molded rib on the lower sidewall. outlined in USTMA Tire Information Service Bulletin Volume 33, No. 3. 16. Aer all the components have passed inspection, the best practice is to replace the rubber snap-in valve stem or the seal kit components of the clamp-in valve stem sensor. 17. Standard rubber snap-in valves should be lubricated with a rubber lubricant prior to installation, while high pressure A T Y R E T H A T S T O P S W I T H L U X U R Y T H A T D O E S N ' T V - Speed Performance Rating 60,000 Mile Limited Treadlife Warranty Available in 17" to 24" sizes * Performance results based on Q4 2018 testing conducted on 2018 GMC Acadia by independent, professional, third party industry evaluator. Individual results may vary depending on vehicle type, tire maintenance, driving style and road conditions.Michelin is a regeistered trademark of Michelin North America, Inc. Bridgestone is a registered trademark of Bridgestone Corporation. Pirelli is a registered trademark of Pirelli Tire LLC To Request complete test results please write to Vogue Tyre & Rubber Co. Attn: Tire Test Results 1101 Feehanville Drive | Mt. Prospect, IL 60056. Vogue Tyre's limited treadlife warranty information can be found at Vogue® Signature V Black SCT2 Michelin® Premier LTX V® Bridgestone® Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia P Pirelli® Scorpion Verde All Season 122.1 FT 123.7 FT 131.0 FT 132.3 FT Vogue® Signature V Black SCT2 Michelin® Premier LTX V® Bridgestone® Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia P Pirelli® Scorpion Verde All Season 134.5 FT 136.8. FT 142.3 FT 144.4 FT

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