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P e r f o r m a n c e H a n d b o o k 2 0 1 9 26 D e a l e r P r o f i l e on sporty, performance-oriented vehicles, Misero says the rise in popularity and use of ultra-high performance tires over the years hasn't had a big effect on their business. "But people are increasing the horsepower and performance of their cars, which in turn increases the demand for tires to hold the road." Misero says he feels tire manufacturers have done their part to keep up with the performance demands of car manufacturers who are selling 1,000 horsepower vehicles. e trick is helping the drivers of those vehicles select the right tires for their style of driving, especially if the customer is driving that vehicle to work each day, and then going to the track on the weekends. "ere's a lot of weekend warriors out there. But on-the-track driving is completely different than driving every day." ere's another trend feeding Sports Car Tire's business. Misero refers to it as "dressing up trucks." e truck business — involving both pickups and Jeeps — is having a moment. Owners are swapping out OE tires designed for the highway for all-terrain and mud- terrain options. "e majority of people who get a factory truck want to change it constantly," Misero says. "And they want black wheels. ere are black wheels on trucks everywhere you look." consumers: Michelin, Continental, Pirelli and Goodyear. e business keeps 7,500 tires in stock, and manages orders and shipments direct from one manufacturer (Pirelli), plus five wholesale distributors: American Tire Distributors Inc. (ATD), TireHub LLC, Reliable Tire Co., Max Finkelstein Inc. and National Tire Wholesale (NTW). Because the business has always focused And when the technicians find a bent wheel, Misero regularly walks customers into the bay to show them the damage. TIRES ARE STILL NO. 1 Even with a booming wheel business, and up to 5,000 factory wheels in stock on a given day, it's tires that make up the bulk of Sports Car Tire's business. Four tire brands stand out as the most popular with Misero's Tire dealers are often overwhelmed by the growing number of tire SKUs, but wheels are another monster. Chris Misero says any model year of a Honda Accord has 10 or 12 wheel options. BMW and Mercedes usually introduce a new wheel for every new vehicle model. PHOTOS COURTESY OF SPORTS CAR TIRE INC.

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