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M T D A p r i l 2 0 1 9 18 Relevant statistics from an industry in constant motion Numbers ThatCount 18% Percent of Americans who can drive a car with a manual transmission. SOURCE: WWW.FACTSLIDES.COM 80% Percent of an average car that may be recyclable. SOURCE: WWW.FACTSLIDES.COM ©GETT YIMAGES.COM/DRAGANCE137 ©GETT YIMAGES.COM/KAMSKI ©GETT YIMAGES.COM/BUBAONE ©GETT YIMAGES.COM/CANETTI Number of all-terrain vehicle units predicted to be sold globally in 2024, up from 76,273 in 2016. is includes sport ATVs, sport utility ATVs, utility ATVs and youth ATVs. Innovative infotainment systems and improvements in suspensions, electric starst and sha drives combine to improve the riding experience and boost sales. SOURCE: WWW.GMINSIGHTS.COM 38 Number of hours the average American spends stuck in traffic per year. SOURCE: WWW.FACTSLIDES.COM 30 Number of mil- liseconds it takes for an airbag to inflate. SOURCE: WWW.FACTSLIDES.COM 1 million+ 24.2% Retail passenger tire sales margin in 2018. at's a decrease from 24.8% in 2017. SOURCE: MODERN TIRE DEALER'S 2019 FACTS ISSUE $26.6 billion U.S. replacement passenger tire sales total in 2018. SOURCE: MODERN TIRE DEALER'S 2019 FACTS ISSUE ©GETT YIMAGES.COM/IKRYANNIKOVGMAILCOM

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