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w w w . M o d e r n T i r e D e a l e r . c o m 21 Moments in time for Vredestein passenger tires in Europe and the U.S. Vredestein tires first came to the U.S. in 1981. However, from 1991-1997, the company decided to focus on the more profitable European replacement business, and left the U.S. market. "The adverse exchange rate situation between the U.S. dollar and Dutch guilder and bad debts by U.S. customers also contributed to the pause in U.S. sales," said a company spokesperson. Engineer Emile Louis Constant Schiff sets up N.V. Rubberfabriek Vredestein in the Netherlands. 1909 1958 1993 1912 1972 2009 1947 1982 2018 Masterlux tire ads feature Masterlientje in a futuristic outfit inspired by the space race between Russia and the U.S. The Quatrac all-season tire is introduced. Vredestein's first car tires are white because Schiff had not yet discovered black soot improves a tire's strength. The Spring Steel is Vredestein's first steel-belted radial tire. Apollo Tyres Ltd. purchases Vredestein. Vredestein Banden's new tire factory in Enschede, the Netherlands, produces passenger car tires again. The first tires produced are B.F. Goodrich tires. Vredestein begins marketing the Snow+ in the U.S. Apollo Vredestein begins producing tires in Hungary. Vredestein starts producing bicycle tires. 1910 1965 1999 1925 1981 2018 1950 1983 2019 The first Vredestein winter tire for passenger cars, the M&S 187, is introduced. Sportrac is the first of many Vredestein tires designed with Giorgetto Giugiaro, an Italian designer. 1925: The experiment involving the production of Dutch passenger car tires under the name Vredestein comes to an end because of "disappointing results." Vredusa Inc. opens in Somerset, N.J., to sell Vredestein tires in the U.S. Al Smoke is vice president of sales. The Quatrac 5 is the first Y-rated all-season tire. Ads for Profilux, the first Vredestein tire designed and mass produced in-house, feature Profilientje in a thoroughly traditional Dutch costume. Vredestein begins advertising in the U.S.: "With Vredestein, you get it all." The Quatrac Pro, the seventh generation Vredestein all-season tire, is launched.

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