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M T D A p r i l 2 0 1 9 28 We offer market price management and competitor evaluations, tire manufacturer program management, along with complete bookkeeping and cash flow management. Plus, we can help with event planning and management services. What tools do you employ to help dealers in the digital age? In half of our stores we have deployed fully digital vehicle evaluations. We believe that customers today need clear, concise digital reviews of their vehicles, including pictures and detailed reports of items that need maintenance or service. is transparency is critical to building consumer confidence. e platform includes reminders for future services. What's your key selling point to attract new dealers? Dealers retain their identity while finding a common brand to market themselves in a highly digital age. With full accounting and marketing support, they can compete on a similar scale to the 100+ store chains. Each location is supported by local and regional events in their communities. Evaluating a dealer's tire manufacturer programs, and the best way to manage those programs, we help dealers make the most prudent decisions regarding programs, with a realistic tire unit volume. We also provide help with other vendor relationships, things like parts, uniforms, supplies, etc. What can members expect from you in the next five years? As the marketplace continues to become more digitally active we are focused on the external customer and internal customer first. at includes having the ability to find pricing for any service online in a fast, efficient way. It also means communicating with a customer in the way they want to communicate, whether that's in a phone call, text or by email, and allowing customers to pay in advance — or in a manner that works best for them. For stores, we believe our biggest differentiator will be in helping them recruit and develop their teams with a more proactive plan for associate development. XPRESS TIRE AND AUTO SERVICE Offered by: Conrad's Tire Service Inc. Website: and xpress-tire-com Number of members/participants: 121 How many stores do they operate? 128 List your group's top 10 selling brands: Cooper, Multi-Mile, Firestone, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Starfire, and various opening price point private label options. How do you help drive traffic to a dealer's brick and mortar location? We run and actively market a consumer fac- ing website for our affiliate dealers that is mobile friendly. eir individual locations are featured with their specific pricing, along with the availability of tire lines and products for that specific market. What tools do you employ to help dealers in the digital age? e xpress-tire. com website is monitored and managed by an outside entity that is constantly working to maximize exposure for these dealers, many of which are not digitally engaged on their own. Additionally, we work in concert with the dealers who are digitally engaged to make sure our program complements their efforts. What's your key selling point to attract new dealers? We understand the small independent dealer very, very well; it is part of our core. We know what works for them and why. We can teach them how to be relevant in the tire business and to use that as a springboard to growing their service business. What can members expect from you in the next five years? Expanded distribu- tion; increased social media interaction to the extent dealer individuality will allow; targeted dealer specific promotions; and expanded product access. ■ Tw i c e - a - d a y d e l i v e r- i e s . Q u a l i t y p r o d u c t s . Great people. These are among the reasons Scott Heinecke, owner of An- nandale Auto Care LLC, partners with Tire Solu- tions Inc. But they aren't the biggest differentiator. What is? Road hazard protection — on every tire. It's built into the price of every tire he buys from Tire Solutions. "That's a selling point. I don't have any other sup- plier that offers that," he says. "They're the ones eating that, and they're still very competitive." Consumers in Annan- dale, Minn., ask about road hazard protection, and Heinecke can say it's included. "We say it's free and it is. We don't charge any more for it." Tire Solutions also in- vites its members to an annual conference that includes tire training as well as sales and custom- er service tips. Throughout the year the two service writers who work in Hei- necke's five-bay shop h a v e o p p o r t u n i t i e s t o earn gift cards as sales incentives. For Heinecke, it comes down to relationships. He's known Tire Solutions CEO and President Rick Lang for 16 years. "You buy from who you trust." 'They treat us like family' Annandale Auto Care Owner Scott Heinecke says tires represent 25% of overall sales from his five-bay, four-technician shop. He relies on Tire Solutions to provide 80% of the tires he sells, including his primary brand, Toyo. P r o g r a m G r o u p s

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