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M T D A p r i l 2 0 1 9 52 UNDERSTANDING MEGATRENDS AND ANTICIPATING CHANGE E ach year during the Tire Industry Association's (TIA) annual OTR Tire Conference, an industry exec- utive is asked to deliver a keynote address. is year, Shawn Rasey, director of global business development, earthmover, Continental Tire the Ameri- cas LLC, looked at a variety of issues that stretched beyond the focus of just the OTR side of our industry. An industry veteran of over 40 years, Rasey captured not just past changes, but offered a view into the future. When Rasey joined the tire industry, the big five tire makers in the OTR industry (as well as throughout the U.S. in all categories) were Goodyear, Firestone, BFGoodrich, General and Uniroyal. Rasey also pointed out that the top OTR dealers at the time were the J.W. Brewer Tire Co., Cobra Tire, Brad Ragan Inc., Baum & Adamson Tire Co. and Airdrome Tire Sales. Rasey then fast forwarded to today and shared his thoughts about "Why what you do matters. Why what you do every day matters. And how the choices you make matter to a lot of people." What follows are highlights from his address that covers many issues that extend far beyond the tire industry. THREE OTR MEGATRENDS Understanding megatrends and anticipating change is a key to winning in business, said Rasey. Megatrends are the long-term changes that affect governments, societies, and economies permanently over a period of time. ey are not new, simply packaged differently today. ere are currently three megatrends in general manufacturing, says Rasey. e first one is digitalization and miniaturiza- tion, the second is big data/analytics and the third is the new workforce. Combining the three leads to disruptive change. Rasey focused on the new workforce. "e demographics are really changing quickly. It's reshaping labor markets across the globe, but certainly here in our country. Start with the fact that in today's rapidly aging workforce, about 10,000 baby boomers are retiring each day. Consider that. Companies will rely more on automation with the millennial workforce that is way more tech savvy. We need to think about how that's going to integrate into our business." Caterpillar Inc., a highly recognized corporation, spends considerable time in looking into the future and trying to make sure they're prepared with their products to be able to lead in the future. One thing they're focused on is the exponential technology growth and how to get their arms around it and harness the power of that, said Rasey. Caterpillar pointed out that as they think about their strategies for the future, by the year 2025 the world's expected population should increase by one billion people (up from an estimated 7.7 billion today). at's an incredible OTR INDUSTRY EXPERT SPELLS OUT KEYS TO WINNING IN BUSINESS O T R T i r e C o n f e r e n c e Greg Smith By COURTESY OF PETER KUHN PHOTOGRAPHY Shawn Rasey, director of global business development, earthmover, Continental Tire the Americas LLC, told attendees of TIA's Off-the- Road Tire Conference that you need to control your own destiny and adapt and overcome.

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