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E u r o p e a n N o t e b o o k M T D A p r i l 2 0 1 9 66 new BluEarth Winter V905 is an exceptionally fuel efficient winter pattern for PCRs and SUVs. Yokohama was also using the show to introduce its new "hobby tire" range, which concentrates on special patterns for sports perfor- mance driving enthusiasts with race, rally, off-road and modern classic vehicles. Olivia said, "We are presenting the AdvanA052, a street legal track days tire that has an expansive size option from 14 up to 20 inches, and a further new arrival… the Advan Neova AD08RS, which meets the current European tire technical regulations with ultra-superior grip power and even greater speed control and cornering performance through an innovative, fine-tuned compound." When it comes to extreme mud terrain tires for SUVs and 4x4s, Yokohama has been busy with a new pattern design — the tough and rugged Geolander X-MT, which Olivia pointed out has outstanding off-road traction thanks to a seriously aggressive tread pattern and sidewall design. "We are also introducing the all-new Geolander X-CV, an ultra- high performance SUV tire that guarantees further improved wet traction along with outstanding mileage performance, superior low levels of road noise and drive comfort, whilst for the premium crossover SUV sector, the Geolander G057 incorporates a special asymmetric tread pattern with four wide grooves for improved traction and wet braking performance," said Olivia. "At present most of our new tires are primarily for the European market sector but in line with Yokohama's ambition to graduate to being a truly global brand. All our tire designs are scheduled for worldwide release in the long-term future." COOPER TIRE EUROPE: MOVING TOWARD GLOBAL PRESENCE As a North American-based company, the European division of Cooper Tire considered the show as an extremely important event in the company's ongoing strategy to build a truly global business. I chatted with Jaap Van Wessum, European sales director, and P. Glenn Arbaugh, director of global light vehicle OEM strategy and business development, with Arbaugh explaining, "is year we are here to see and understand more about how the European automotive market works in terms of new vehicles and technology, including autonomous and electric vehicles, and what this means to our business. "We aim to push the levels of our technology and quality even higher and take a very surgical approach to who the company wants to partner with and how we intend to grow in that market. We are determined to continue growing across the globe with our products being showcased in car dealerships all over the world." Van Wessum then pointed out that taking center stage in the Cooper booth was the new Discoverer All-Season tire, which has been specifically developed for European roads and is currently available in a wide range of sizes for cars and SUVs. "e tire is severe weather rated and displays the trusted 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol on its sidewall and also presents superior levels of grip over a wide temperature range due to the incorporation of the latest all-season silica and resin technology. APOLLO VREDESTEIN: NEW ASPIRE XP ON DISPLAY Netherlands-based Apollo Vrerdestein was displaying a number of its recent products and had the prestigious Jaguar F-Pace car fitted with Vredestein Ultrac Vorti 22-inch high performance tires in the booth. e show was the ideal stage to launch the brand's all-new sum- mer tire — the Apollo Aspire XP, which has incorporated the most advanced material technologies and construction to ensure a high level of safety and on-road drive comfort. Tamara Oostveen, PR and events manager for Europe, told me the Aspire XP will initially be available in Europe, but in due course will be introduced in many countries, including North America. e tire effectively increases the brand's market coverage in the 17-, 18- and 19-inch size segment. Oostveen said, "e Aspire XP is for both the passenger and SUV market sectors and includes stiffer outer shoulder blocks and a central lane to reduce braking distances by up to 4% whilst delivering a higher degree of steering response and accuracy. ere are no Apollo consumer tires in the U.S. at present. GOODYEAR DUNLOP: FUTURE MOBILITY THE KEY Chris Helsel, senior vice president and chief technical officer, announced that taking center stage in the Goodyear Dunlop booth is the "all-new" Aero concept "two-in-one" tire that has been specifically designed for both the autonomous and flying cars of the future. He said, "Future mobility requirements are now actively looking toward the skies to counteract the challenges of urban congestion, and the Aero is a mixture of advanced tire architectures and materials to create a visionary wheel to serve as a traditional tire on the road and also as propulsion system in the sky." I also accepted an invitation to exclusively interview Carlos Cipol- litti, vice president for EMEA product development at Goodyear's Innovation Center in Luxumboug, in the booth to learn more about the company's plans for the future in terms of tires and vehicles that will work together during the next decade and beyond. Cipollitti said, "Our department is always looking to define the best way forward for mobility and constantly testing new and perhaps unlikely materials that we can implement into tires." I was also interested to learn more about "Olli," a revolutionary eight-passenger autonomous shuttle vehicle that Goodyear is currently testing in America with Local Motors Inc. and was attracting a lot of interest in the booth. Cipollitti explained the company has supplied the vehicle with a totally exclusive tire fitment with sensors that cap- ture valuable data into the operational and maintenance needs of tires fitted to driverless vehicles. ■ John Stone has been working within the global tire industry for the past 28 years. In 2004 he launched his own consulting company, Sapphire Media Service, which caters to business media clients around the globe. Stone also writes for tire and automotive-related publications in Europe, South Africa and Asia. Yokohama's David Ol- ivia said the Geolander X-MT has outstand- ing off-road traction thanks to a seriously aggres- sive tread pattern and sidewall design. "In our opinion there are no boundaries when it comes to tire innovation," said Goodyear's Carlos Cipollitti, pictured with the company's Aero concept tire.

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