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M T D A p r i l 2 0 1 9 72 F o c u s O n I n d u s t r y on crossover vehicles through mid-size SUVs. e T-, H- or V-rated sizes range from 16 to 22 inches. e T- and H-rated sizes are backed by a 70,000-mile limited tread wear warranty; for V-rated sizes it's 65,000 miles. All sizes are covered through a 60-day guaranteed trial period. e UTQG rating on the tire is 740/A/B on the T-rated sizes, and 700/A/A on the H- and V-rated sizes. e tire will compete against the Michelin Premier LTX; the Bridgestone Ecopia H/L 432 Plus and the Dueler H/L Alenza Plus; and the Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max. As for the CrossContact LX20, it will remain in the lineup as an original equipment tire. Between the CrossContact LX25 and TerrainContact H/T, Continental dealers will have 84% coverage of tire sizes for pickup trucks, CUVs and SUVs. JUSTICE IS SERVED! anks to being one of the top bidders for the business, Continental will be sup- plying police departments, government entities and law enforcement agencies with the new General G-Max Justice for the next five years. The successful bid with NASPO (National Association of State Procure- ment Officials) went into effect April 1, 2019. NASPO represents 38 states last year, with "police pursuit" representing 50% of the association's overall business. " The development focus was extended tread life," said Maher. "It also has grip and response because these tires need to pass high-speed testing by police departments for pursuit. ese are all important attributes that municipalities look for in the product. "ey also want all-season traction so they have a tire they can keep on mostly year round for a lot of the country and then replace with winter tires in the northern areas of the country. And they want durability, so the tires are robust. ey can handle the extra loads and extra work that the police officers can put them through." e tire is CATL-1922 Pursuit and Emergency Approved. CATL stands for Cooperative Approved Tire List. CATL-1922 approval is needed for the U.S. government to purchase the following: • For non-military applications: new and retreaded passenger tires; pursuit and emergency high-speed tires; light truck tires; truck and bus tires; and off-road severe application tires, also known as ORSA. • For military applications: retread light, medium and heavy tactical truck and trailer tires. Maher said the G-Max Justice is available in six sizes. e size complement will fit the four newer and most popular police pursuit vehicles in the market: the Ford Police Interceptor sedan and Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicle (245/55R18 103V), Chevy Tahoe PPV (265/60R17 108V) and the Dodge Charger Pursuit vehicle (225/60ZR18 100W). e line also has sizes to fit older pursuit vehicles like the Chevy Caprice PPV (235/50R18 101W), Ford Crown Victoria (235/55R17 99W) and Chevy Impala Police vehicle (225/60R16 98V). ONE TIRE REPLACES TWO e new VikingContact 7 is replacing the WinterContact SI in North America, and the VikingContact 6 in Europe and Russia. It features a directional pattern with European styling. "is is a product that is sold in Europe," said Maher. "is is really important from our perspective for two big reasons: One, Continental tire really is a dominant market leader in both performance sales and winter tires in Europe, including Europe, the Nordic region, Russia, etc. "Second, (there is) a lot of winter tire size proliferation (even though) the volume is rather small, and by combining all these markets together we get the opportunity to have more sizes." (For more information on the VikingContact 7, check out the coverage in our March issue, or visit ■ When NASPO (National As- sociation of State Procure- ment Officials) accepted the bid from Continental Tire the Americas LLC last year, the General G-Max Justice be- came a police pursuit tire of choice for five years begin- ning April 1, 2019. Modern Tire Dealer asked Michael Mistret- ta, PLT commercial business development manager a few follow-up questions about the tire and the bidding process. MTD: Did you ever manufac- ture a General police vehicle tire before the G-Max Justice? Mistretta: No, the G-MAX Justice is General Tire's first dedicated line for the police pursuit segment. MTD: Do you know how many other tires are part of this five-year bid? Mistretta: Product groups included in the bid range from our entire portfolio of Conti- nental and General tire brand passenger and light truck tires, to medium truck tires, retreads, industrial, OTR and Ag tires. MTD: NASPO represents 38 states. Are you actively trying to partner with the other 12 states? Mistretta: Absolutely. We want all 50 states to have ac- cess to our products. Outside of NASPO, we have been an approved supplier to numer- ous non-NASPO states for years. We will work with non- NASPO states to either put Participating Addendum's in place in relation to NASPO or work toward a state contract with them. The NASPO award will help, as we think this is the market's way of signaling that we are offering truly competi- tive products that perform. No matter what other benefits we can offer, the products have to perform. Period. Mistretta said this was the largest bid Continental has been awarded. "But the pas- senger and light truck group has been awarded a number of other bids with local, city and county municipalities across the U.S." NASPO does justice to Justice General police pursuit tire earns 5-year contract The Michelin State Police De- partment helped Continental test the G-Max Justice. Debbie Richards, Con- tinental Gold Program manager, said sales to Gold dealers grew 6.7% in 2018 vs. 2017. COURTEST Y OF CONTINENTAL TIRE THE AMERICAS LLC

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