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M T D A p r i l 2 0 1 9 76 DEMOUNTING/MOUNTING PROCEDURES CAUTION: e tire should be demounted from the wheel using the tire changer manufacturer's instructions. Use the fol- lowing information to avoid damage during the demounting/mounting procedures. CAUTION: e tire and wheel must always be correctly matched. It is very important to determine the size of each component before any assembly operations commence. Failure to adhere to these instructions can result in an explosive separation and cause serious bodily injury or death. CAUTION: Use only wheels and wheel nuts that have been designed for the cur- rent model year. Tire pressure sensors are not designed to be used with aermarket wheels. Aermarket wheels or wheel nuts may not fit or function correctly, and can cause personal injury or damage to the vehicle. A wheel and tire assembly equipped with tire pressure sensor will have the following verbiage stamped or cast on the wheel: "Sensor May Be Inside." CAUTION: Tighten wheel nuts in a star pattern. Failure to follow tightening specifications may result in high brake disc runout, serious injury or death. NOTE: e use of run-flat tires (tires with steel body cord plies in the tire side- wall) when the vehicle is not originally equipped is not recommended, as it may cause the TPMS to malfunction. NOTE: If possible, use a digital tire gauge (Ford Part #204-354, for example) any time tire pressures are measured to be sure that accurate values are obtained. Ford recommends the use of a digital or dial type tire pressure gauge rather than a stick type gauge for increased accuracy. TIRE PRESSURE SENSOR NOTE: If the vehicle is equipped with the strap or cradle type TPMS sensor, see "Tire pressure Sensor in the Ford Econoline (E150-E450) - 2008-09" article via Mitchell 1 data. VDO – A Trademark of the Continental Corporation Done once. Done right. Done with VDO. VDO Blower Motors deliver true vehicle-specific fit with plug and play installation. Get true OE performance and unsurpassed quality, backed by our deep technical expertise and solid customer support. Pros who know choose VDO. | 800-564-5066 Torque specifications Component Ft.-lbs. C (N.m) 9/16 x 18 Conical lug nut 150 (200) 9/16 x 18 Two-piece lug nut 140 (190) In.-lbs. (N.m) Sensor Torx screw 13 (1.5) T P M S Figure 1: An exploded view of a valve- mounted sensor.

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