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M T D M a y 2 0 1 9 20 Relevant statistics from an industry in constant motion Numbers ThatCount 1891 e year in which the first car accident occurred. SOURCE: HOLT LLOYD INTERNATIONAL LTD., WWW.HOLTSAUTO.COM 19 Number of gallons of gasoline the average commuter wastes sitting in traffic each year. SOURCE: AUTO INSURANCE CENTER 34 million Number of passenger tires shipped to the U.S. by ailand (the top importer) in 2018. at's a 4 million unit increase from 2017. SOURCE: MODERN TIRE DEALER'S 2019 FACTS ISSUE 35% Percent of the world's population that drives on the le side of the road. SOURCE: FACTSLIDES.COM ©GETT YIMAGES.COM/WISSANU01 ©GETT YIMAGES.COM/TAKA4332 ©GETT YIMAGES.COM/VLADRU ©GETT YIMAGES.COM/GENNADYPODDUBNY 28% Percent of 2017 model-year vehicles that came without spare tires. SOURCE: AMERICAN AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION 30,000 e number of unique parts in an average car. SOURCE: HOLT LLOYD INTERNATIONAL LTD., WWW.HOLTSAUTO.COM ©GETT YIMAGES.COM/ARTEM NOVOSAD ©GETT YIMAGES.COM/IHOR KASHURIN ©GETT YIMAGES.COM/CARLANICHIATA $306 Average parts and labor repair estimate in 2017 for an engine light-related cost on the Hyundai vehicle brand, the lowest for all vehicle brands. SOURCE: CARMD.COM CORP.

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