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M T D M a y 2 0 1 9 24 By Lori L. Wiese Senior Editor "is is God's country," an old sign in Kelsey's Antique Cars museum reads, "so don't drive through it like Hell." is particular sign refers to the area around Camdenton, Mo., the home of the museum, and if you don't take the advice you could miss downtown Cam- denton entirely. It is literally a one-stoplight town. Yet, the main reason for not speeding through the region is it is far too beautiful to be properly appreciated with a cursory glance out a car window at 55-plus mph. It is called the Lake of the Ozarks, where rolling hills relax into shorelines. In the winter, appearances are deceiving in Camdenton. is seemingly sleepy town of 2,303 within the corporate and approximately 20,000 within the county has no apparent commercial activity. Commercial value it has, however, for in three months the area's number one industry kicks into gear. Tourism. Droves of water-sport- seekers will descend on the area to partake of swimming, water skiing and fishing. ey will also shop at the wide variety of re-awakened souvenir shops and browse through the antique auto museum owned and operated by John Kelsey. Kelsey's business, which includes the museum as well as his tire dealership, is in an area of the country being pro- moted heavily by the Missouri Board of Tourism as "a land of opportunity." e promotions are paying off. Not only are the hotels and resorts filled to the maximum during the summer months, but increasing numbers of people are deciding to move to the area and enjoy the atmo- sphere year round. According to Kelsey, the area is the second fastest-growing in the nation. Kelsey is in the hub of the activity, and he got in on the ground floor. As it is in his choice of locality, it is in his business. Kelsey knows a good thing when he sees it, and he seems to see it, and know it, long before others. is is one reason he came to own the more than 30 valuable collector cars displayed in his museum, and why he became involved in selling tires that fit those, and other, antique cars. After getting out of the service, Kelsey wanted a job in an area that always interested him – antique autos. He had experience in the parts and accessories market before serv- ing his country, but aer his discharge he decided to go into tires, an area where he felt there was a need for product supply and customer service. Kelsey has been selling more than 75 types of whitewall and blackwall tires for collector cars under his private brand name of Bedford, manufactured for him by Denman Rubber Manufac- turing Co., and is the authorized distributor of Dunlop Vintage tires. He is now introducing a P a s t , P r e s e n t , F u t u r e : K e l s e y T i r e i n 1 9 8 5 1930 to 1970s: Goodyears for collector cars John Kelsey, owner of Kelsey Tire, sole distributor of Goodyear collector car tires.

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