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25 w w w . M o d e r n T i r e D e a l e r . c o m line of collector tires with the Goodyear name. If you don't recognize the significance of this, you don't know the antique car/tire mar- ket. roughout the years, many tire manufacturers have supplied tires for antique, vintage and collectors cars, either producing the tires or selling molds to other companies which produce tires. For example, Kelsey has the Dunlop line, Firestone tires have been available through Lucas Automotive, BFGoodrich tires can be bought through Coker Tire Co., and a host of other brands are available from these and other suppliers. As Goodyear discontinued the production of a certain tire line, however, the company would store or destroy the molds, refusing all offers for the blueprints. The reason? e firm did not want another company to make tires with the Goodyear name on them, tires the company feared might not live up to the high standards it sets for its products. How, then, is it possible that Kelsey can sell Goodyear- branded collector car tires? Because Goodyear has begun to produce the tires at its Argentina plant. Kelsey had the molds taken out of storage, or rebuilt from blueprints, and put back into limited production. Kelsey is the sole distributor on Good- year's side of the ledger. This turn of events was precipitated by Kelsey, who knows the market as well as, if not better, than anyone. e unavailability of Goodyear- brand tires to replace tires fit as original equipment in years past le a definite void, he felt. Collector car owners had to take their second choice on tires, and to a true car enthusiast, second best is not good enough. Dealers will soon by custom- ers' main source for collector car tires. "Authenticity is the key to any vintage endeavor," Kelsey noted. "Coming close doesn't hit the mark." Kelsey knew there was a market out there, the next step was convincing Goodyear. "You can't expect a company to crank up assets, human and material, to satisfy someone's curiosity." Kelsey stated. "You have to be certain the proposi- tion has bottom-line merit." Kelsey reports it did not take too much pushing to get key people interested in the project. He credits Jacques Sardas, execu- tive vice president of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. and president of Goodyear International Corp.; John Purcell, president and man- aging director of Goodyear/ Argentina; Joseph Graden, vice president, manufacturing for Goodyear International Corp. in Akron; Frank Corcoran, vice president of Goodyear Interna- tional/western hemisphere, and Emmett Sellars, vice president of tire sales marketing, Goodyear International, as instrumental in getting the project up and running. "ese people looked at the idea with a magnifying glass," Kelsey says. "ey viewed the marketing requirements, the development of the project and the implementation. ey gave it a fair overview and decided it was a viable market." What Kelsey proposed to Goodyear was another market area for promoting the Goodyear name. And it is a market that will reap benefits for years to come. irteen tire sizes will be available for tire dealers by the end of this month. ese bias tires will fit cars built from the 1930s through the 1970s, explained Kelsey. "These 13 items cover the largest volume of vehicle production during those years. And from this nucleus, we will develop satellite sizes." (See Chart A). For a segment of the tire line, Kelsey discerned which tires would fit the maximum number of applications using yesterday's information incorporated with today's technology He utilized vehicle production data and tire guides printed for the model years 1964 through 1972 to do an "analysis of vehicle produc- tion and a list of standard and optional tire sizes fitted to cars." is information was put into a computer program and, with the push of a few buttons, Kelsey can tell the potential tire demand for the collector. "Turning back the pages of history is much more New technology played a part in the selection of collector tires between the years 1864 through 1972. A computer company representative listens as Kelsey requests his analysis of vehicle production with standard and optional tire fitment data. Chart A Goodyear "performance package" Goodyear Polyglas Size Sidewall treatment E70/14 Raised white letter F70/14 Raised white letter F70/15 Raised white letter F70/15 White line F60/15 Raised white letter Goodyear collector tires available through Kelsey Size W/W width Construction 695/14 7/8-inch Four ply poly tubeless 750/14 2 ¼-inch Four ply poly tubeless 670/15 3 ½-inch Four ply poly tubeless 670/15 2 11/16-inch Four ply poly tubeless 670/15 2 ¼-inch Four ply poly tubeless 670/15 1-inch Four ply poly tubeless 600/16 3 ½-inch Four ply poly tube-type 650/16 4-inch Four ply poly tube-type Dealers will soon be customers' main source for collector car tires.

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