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M T D M a y 2 0 1 9 28 B a t t e r y T o o l U p d a t e A t any moment in time, one out of four car batteries needs re- placed. e only way to know which one is to test every ve- hicle that comes in for service. Battery testing is a great opportunity for shops to service their customers, according to Cliff Sewing, product category manager at Interstate Batteries Inc. "Looking at the total volume of batteries sold in the market, and based on the number of cars that are out there, our research indicates that one out of four batteries is going to need replaced." Sewing says proactively testing the battery builds trust with a customer. "A lot of times it's cost, cost, cost to a consumer when they bring their car to a shop. With the battery test, three out of four times it's positive feedback. You can tell your customer their battery is good and come back in three months and we'll test it again for free. But one out of four times you want to give that negative feedback so the customer has the opportunity to replace the battery and avoid a no-start situation." BATTERIES WILL NEED REPLACED MORE OFTEN Interstate Batteries expects the rate of battery replacement to increase. "We know once shops test, they are going to see one of four cars need batteries," says Dusty Russell, product development and marketing manager. "From a market standpoint, battery life will continue to be adversely impacted based on vehicle electrification placing higher load demands on the battery. e downward trend in battery life is going to necessitate even more so proactive testing platforms that we think will build the kind of trust that customers would want." But new batteries, systems and com- ponents require improved technology for accurate diagnostics. Battery service tools are evolving and expanding to keep pace. Modern Tire Dealer asked manufacturers for an update on the market and their products, beginning with the types of bat- teries shops need to be prepared to service. In addition to Sewing and Russell from Interstate Batteries, four other companies answered. Speaking for Bosch Automotive The latest battery testing tools: What you need to have in your shop Ann Neal By PHOTO COURTESY OF MIDTRONICS The CPX-900 battery and system analyzer from Midtronics for conventional and advanced vehicle systems assesses the health of both a battery's starting and reserve capacity abilities through patented Conductance Profiling technology.

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