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M T D M a y 2 0 1 9 34 B a t t e r y T o o l U p d a t e Clore: First, it is important to ensure that all personnel know how to properly utilize the battery tester, whether it is a digital tester or a more traditional carbon pile tester. Particularly with digital testers, if the tester is configured to test a specific battery type but deployed to test a different battery type, the results provided could be affected. All personnel need to be trained to properly identify the different battery types and understand the importance of getting that step right. Second, the most important factor in improving profitability is to be using the tester frequently. We suggest testing every vehicle that enters the shop. is will result in increased sales of batteries, rotating electrical components, belts, cables and other related items. It is a proven fact, but you have to use the tester to drive add-on sales and increase profitability per ticket. All Solar electronic testers equipped with printers incorporate a counter function so that the shop can track exactly how many tests are performed in a given period. If a shop's car count is four times the number of tests performed, they are not maximizing their return on their equipment investment. EnerSys: Utilizing these advanced bat- tery conductance testers on every vehicle in for service can provide early detection of a failing battery before a true no-start, and provides an opportunity to sell a battery. Offering a range of good, better, best in batteries provides a service to the customer and revenue to the service dealer. Interstate: e way you have more profit is you sell more batteries; the way you sell more batteries is you test every car. When the battery does need replaced the customer thinks you tested that the last couple times, first time it was good, last time there was some degradation. Now you tell him or her it's bad and that makes sense because of that history. Make battery testing part of your mul- tipoint inspection. Have the right product in the shop to actually close the sale. At Interstate we pride ourselves with identifying the batteries and stocking the batteries at the dealer's location. In addition, the IB Pulse tracks the types of cars and batteries tested. Dealers have the option to log into an online portal and see a record of the batteries and cars serviced. We will stock the batteries for the dealer as a service. e data on year, make and model of cars serviced will help them stock brakes and other parts. Midtronics: Test every vehicle's battery that comes into your shop for service as an added preventive maintenance benefit. Combining a preventive maintenance battery testing program with conductance profiling technology will further enhance the benefit for your customers. Conductance profiling is one of the most decisive and comprehensive battery testing technologies available. When you combine preventative maintenance testing with increased deci - siveness, you will be able to identify more opportunities to advise your customers about failing batteries and increase the potential to sell batteries. WHAT ABOUT HYBRIDS AND EVS? MTD asked manufacturers to describe opportunities the growth of plug-in hybrid vehicles and pure electric vehicles (EVs) will create for shops. Are these opportunities months or years away? Bosch: Lack of technology standard- ization among OEs, safety-related issues in servicing these high voltage systems, and limitations to accessing the battery pack within the vehicle all are barriers to independent aermarket shops servicing pure electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. In near future, these systems will mostly be serviced by authorized dealerships, which have been required by OEMs to have specialized insulated tools and hybrid/EV training to service the vehicles. Clore: is opportunity exists now, but is small. We expect it grow significantly over the next 10 years. We would suspect that time frame for it to reach critical mass for aermarket shops is still years away. EnerSys: ese vehicles will require a much higher degree of system knowledge and diagnostic equipment to service. ere will be a high price for this equipment and the training of the service technician. Interstate: Current EV and hybrid vehicle platforms frequently contain a 12V lead acid battery for back-up power support. Future platforms are trending toward a 48V system to accommodate the growing electrification demands in this EV/hybrid segment, which will create some unique safety and repair challenges for a shop. But for the foreseeable future it's going to be standard lead acid, AGM-type technology in the marketplace, and that's what we're addressing with the Pulse. Midtronics: Hybrid vehicles have been on the road for nearly 20 years and are coming into aermarket shops for similar reasons as traditional gasoline-powered internal-combustion engine vehicles — oil changes, tires, wipers, and 12-volt lead acid battery service, etc. e number of plug-in hybrids and pure electric vehicles on U.S. roads today represents only a tiny share of the total vehicles in operation. However, the rate of customer adoption, as well as the number of different vehicles being designed and manufactured by the OEMs, is increasing. According to a recent IHS Markit forecast, more than 350,000 new EVs will be sold in the U.S. in 2020, which would still give EVs just a 2% share of the total U.S. fleet. By 2025, however, that figure is expected to reach more than 1.1 million vehicles sold for a 7% share. is trend and transition to plug-in hybrids and full EVs represents a huge opportunity for the aermarket, though it's still probably years away. In the near term, most of these vehicles will still be serviced in dealership shops due to warranty considerations and technology level. But as these vehicles come off warranty, customers are going to look to the aermarket as an option for faster, more economical service. Shops that learn about the service requirements of these vehicles and acquire the necessary equipment to support them now will be ahead of the game when they start rolling into their bays. ■ Bosch says the BAT-135 battery tester includes an integrated printer to capture test results for customer records such as presenting the state of health and state of charge percentage of the batteries to ensure optimal efficiency and usage. PHOTO COURTESY OF BOSCH

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