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M T D M a y 2 0 1 9 48 A s s o c i a t e D e a l e r P r o g r a m s What are the top benefits for participants? 1. Cash rewards based on volume and premium line tire sales. 2. Accrual of program points to purchase Hankook marketing materials, merchandise and travel for dealers who are tracking to Platinum (1,200 units) or Diamond (1,600 units or more) level annually (minimum of 300 units per quarter). 3. Participation in national consumer promotions/seasonal specials. Number of participants: 4,100 What's new in the program for 2019? Changes include no opening order required to apply to be a One dealer (in 2018, we required a 24 unit opening order), and changes in our minimum level requirements. Premium line changes – Hankook Optimo H727 has been removed, Hankook Dynapro AT2 (RF11) and Dynapro MT2 (RT05) were added to the premium lineup; Laufenn is now available on the One program as a volume enhancer and receives $1 per tire (volume bonus is only paid on Hankook-branded products). Program name: Kenda Traction Offered by: Kenda USA Website: e details: It is offered in conjunction with authorized Kenda distributors, dealers earn up to $2 per tire between the Kenda Traction Black Card and co-op funds. Dealers earn rewards with purchases of at least 125 tires each quarter. e program is tiered, so more tire purchases qualify for higher payouts. Purchases of 125–249 tires each quarter qualify for tier 1, purchases of 250–399 tires qualify for tier 2, and 400 tires or more qualify for tier 3. Kenda works with its distributors to offer reasonable trade area management to enhance the retailer's value with the Kenda brand. Who's eligible to participate? Independent dealers buying from authorized Kenda distributors. Email kendatraction@kendausa. com to confirm qualification. What are the top three benefits for participants? e ability to earn money back via the Kenda Traction Black Card. Co-op rewards to use on future purchases and Kenda Store Access for shopping online with dozens of products. Plus, full access to a marketing portal for branding tools — product images, logos, digital advertising and catalogs, and inclusion in the dealer locator on Number of participants: About 1,000 dealers. Program name: Premium Fuel Offered by: Kumho Tire USA Inc. Website: Who's eligible to participate? Retail stores with physical locations that do not have more than 10% in automobile and wholesale sales. What are the top benefits for participants? e Premium Fuel program provides dealers with POP/POS items, quarterly bonuses, annual volume bonuses and travel bonuses for their hard work. Program name: Alliance Offered by: Michelin North America Inc. e details: e Alliance program is intended to offer Michelin, BFGoodrich and Uniroyal shoppers an excellent retail experience at dealerships who demonstrate professionalism, product knowledge, convenience, integrity and excellent services. It addresses the needs of specific customer types, volume levels customized to meet dealers' actual business requirements, providing each level of retailer a profit margin sufficient to succeed and grow in a competitive environ- ment. To support its network that recommends the company's tires, Michelin pursues quality service, analytic tools to meet varying market conditions, a variety of delivery options, and incentives and consumer promotions. Who's eligible to participate? For independent retailers, Michelin requires a minimum of 60% retail business, and, depending on the program type, a purchase minimum of 250 Michelin, BFGoodrich and Uniroyal tires combined (for indirect customers) or 5,000 Michelin Americas Small Tires (MAST) units for direct service. e dealer must also provide a welcoming environment for shoppers, competent salespeople who are willing to pursue various training courses and, the capability to provide expert tire and wheel service for today's complex vehicles. What are the top benefits for participants? MAST brands, Michelin, BFGoodrich and Uniroyal, are recognizable brands with reputations for performance and quality that command excellent or best-in-class brand equity for consumers. e loyalty of OE tire owners provides willing buyers for Michelin tires. A well-trained, energetic and technically adept sales force willing to share informa- tion, assist in market and business analysis with support for dealer merchandising efforts; lucrative incentive programs and funding for customer advertising and promotion efforts. Number of participants: Approximately 7,000 independent dealer outlets. e company has 300 Alliance distributor warehouses throughout the U.S. What's new in the program for 2019? Michelin has expanded the indirect program to 14 different levels that make the program more aligned with dealer goals. Program name: Mickey ompson Marketing Alliance (MTMA) Offered by: Mickey ompson Tires & Wheels Website: Who is eligible to participate? Any brick and mortar retailer. What are the top benefits for participants? Direct access to the manufacturer exclusive Power promotions for higher earnings and preferred status on our website to drive more business. Number of participants: 350 unique members with 447 locations across the U.S. and Canada. What's new in the program for 2019? New buy-in level of 32 units to join. Online sign-up at, online portal at Program name: Next Level Offered by: Nexen Tire America Inc. Website: e details: e program rewards our valued dealers for their loyalty to our brand and to provide them opportunities for future growth and profitability. Next Level offers generous cash back rewards paid out quarterly on most Nexen patterns, as well as a lucrative volume bonus structure. Who's eligible to participate? Approved tire retailers who purchase Nexen tires through an authorized Next Level distributor. What are the top benefits for participants? Fast payouts, straightforward bonuses, and top-tier support. Number of participants: 4,000 enrolled dealers. What's new in the program for 2019? A new website — www. We have updated the site to be more user- friendly for both our Next Level dealers and our authorized Next

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