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M T D J u n e 2 0 1 9 20 Relevant statistics from an industry in constant motion NumbersThatCount 2,589 Number of Walmart Auto Care Centers in the U.S. in 2018. is makes it the top tire retailer based on number of outlets. Bridgestone Retail Operations LLC came in second, with 2,200 locations. SOURCE: MODERN TIRE DEALER'S 2019 FACTS ISSUE. 79% Percent of adults who say they own their vehicle. Six percent lease, and 15% do not own or lease a vehicle. SOURCE: IPSOS POLL CONDUCTED IN 2018 ON BEHALF OF THE AUTO CARE ASSOCIATION. ©GETTYIMAGES.COM/KALI9 ©GETTYIMAGES.COM/LEAF 71% Vehicle owner 59% Vehicle manufacturer 45% Insurance companies 43% Car dealerships 43% Any auto repair shop that services the vehicle 39% Manufacturer- owned repair shops 31% Law enforcement personnel Who has access to automotive telematics data? According to a poll of American vehicle owners/lessees, who do the respondents feel have access to driver and vehicle data collected via vehicle telematics (systems that allow and facilitate the two-way transmission of computer automobile data including diagnostic information, geographic location, mileage and driver behavior)? SOURCE: IPSOS POLL CONDUCTED IN 2018 ON BEHALF OF THE AUTO CARE ASSOCIATION. 180,000+ Number of independent repair shops across the country. Most, according to Bill Hanvey, CEO and president of the Auto Care Association, have all the tools needed to work on today's connected and complex cars, and most of today's highly trained ser- vice technicians can perform anything from basic tune-ups to sophisticated electronic diagnostics. SOURCE: "YOUR CAR KNOWS WHEN YOU GAIN WEIGHT" OPINION PIECE IN THE NEW YORK TIMES, MAY 20, 2019

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