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37 w w w . M o d e r n T i r e D e a l e r . c o m P a s t , P r e s e n t , F u t u r e : M o u n t i n g / B a l a n c i n g i n 1 9 4 3 F OUR out of every five cars on the road need wheel balanc- ing and alignment! Four out of every five cars would be safer, more economical, and easier to drive if their wheels were properly balanced and aligned! And four out of every five motorists who need this service would gladly buy it from you if they really knew the facts and your shop is equipped to render the service! One fact the public should know is that tires on a new car with wheels balanced both statically and dynamically will deliver from 30% to 50% more mileage than possible if wheels were not balanced before delivery. With the average auto owner unable to buy new tires, motorists are becoming increasingly interested in making their present rubber run as far as possible. Consequently they all look to their tire dealer for advice in this vital matter with the result that tire dealers are now concentrating on wheel balancing and front-end adjustment more than ever before. Dealers are discovering that it is a service the public expects them to sell, and that it helps take up some of the volume lost on new tire sales. But, most important of all, they are discovering that it produces the most profitable business in the shop! Illustrated above are six examples of the effects of misalign- ment and unbalance. Following is the cause of each condition. 1. Bad wheel bearings, loose king pin bolts and badly worn tie-rod ends. 2. General looseness of the front end. 3. Bad camber adjustment. 4. Use of a boot. 5. Low air pressure, camber ad toe-in adjustment. . The average motorist doesn't know very much about caster, Balancing Would Have Saved These Casings Wheel Correction Is a Profitable Service Which Tire Dealers Can Easily Sell to Customers Who Are to Save Tires

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