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3 w w w . M o d e r n T i r e D e a l e r . c o m The Industry's Leading Publication June 2019, Volume 100, Number 6 Modern Tire Dealer is a proud member of: 22 Competitive, yes. Compliant, no Wage and hour laws catch Best-One by surprise 32 Past, Present, Future: Common mounting and balancing mistakes and how to avoid them 37 Past, Present, Future: Balancing would have saved these casings Wheel correction is a profitable service which dealers can easily sell to customers who are anxious to save tires Commercial Tire Dealer TM 40 The uncertain world of truck tires Expect tighter supplies and higher prices 48 Past, Present, Future: Inventory management Decrease in truck tire shipments may not last beyond 2019 50 R-1 vs. R-1W in detail Tread depth isn't the only difference when comparing the two (three if you count the R-2) 57 Commercially Viable 4 Editorial NTW, TireHub and ATD: Addressing wholesale changes one year later 6 News and navigation tools for MTD's website 8 News/Views Strategic plans for Falken: Brennan talks about new products, brand share and fill rates 18 Your Marketplace Dealers saw 10th straight month of positive volume growth 20 Numbers that Count Relevant statistics from an industry in constant motion 58 European Notebook Business as usual in Europe — Brexit or no Brexit 60 Sales Tactics The salesperson is in! Selling tires is not that different from treating patients 62 Mergers and Acquisitions Principles of managed care: Maybe it's time to re-examine this approach Focus on industry 64 Three down, one to go: Turning over the Firestone Destination line will be completed in 2020 66 ITDG celebrates its 25th anniversary: Members enjoy status of 'a force in the market for all the right reasons' 70 Big O tire dealers celebrate 6 straight years of sales growth 74 Full speed ahead for Falken Tire brand: Executive addresses company's 4 cornerstones of business TPMS 77 Kia Sportage – 2011-2018 81 Products 84 Ad index 85 Classified COVER PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF JIM PARK F E A T U R E S D E P A R T M E N T S 58 62 40 70

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