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57 w w w . M o d e r n T i r e D e a l e r . c o m Maxam MS706 is made for harsh skid steer environments The Maxam MS706 Construction Pro is a solid skid steer tire designed for extreme applications. The company says the MS706 features extra deep tread, allowing for three to five times longer tire life versus traditional pneumatic tires. The MS706 has a more robust tread pattern specifically designed for harsh working applications, including asphalt recycling, road paving, concrete work and metal recycling centers. Internal steel reinforcement rings work to eliminate wheel slip. The solid construction eliminates the threat of flat tires and the downtime caused by punctures or sidewall damage. The MS706 is available in an all-in-one wheel and tire solution, or as a standalone tire. MAXAM TIRE NORTH AMERICA INC. Yokohama introduces a radial tire for rigid dump trucks The Yokohama RL47A E-4 tire for rigid frame dump truck ap- plications is available in size 27.00R49. The RL47A, designed to handle long high-speed hauls, is offered in four different com- pound options: CP (cut-protected), REG (regular), CP-S (special cut resistance) and HR (heat resistant). The RL47A has precise, heat dissipation grooves strategically placed across the tread for faster, longer hauls. Plus, specially designed thermal reduc- tion architecture on the shoulder block provides extra heat dissipation. The tire features a large, flat footprint, which distributes weight more evenly for long service life, and provides excellent cut resistance. YOKOHAMA TIRE CORP. TBC unveils Harvest King Field Pro tractor tire The Harvest King Field Pro line features the AR series R-1W tractor tire, designed to give farmers traction in the field, along with better conditions on the road. The tire features multi-angle lugs for enhanced self-cleaning in heavy, wet soil conditions while the shallow shoulder angle provides traction. The radial rear farm tire ensures a proper fit on the rim thanks to the reinforced bead construction. The Field Pro AR R-1W is available in nine sizes: 380/85R24, 380/85R28, 380/85R30, 380/90R46, 420/85R28, 420/85R30, 460/85R38, 480/80R42 and 480/80R46. Three ad- ditional sizes will be available in June 2019: 380/85R34, 520/85R38 and 520/85R42. TBC BRANDS Camso brings steel over- the-tire tracks to market For skid steer customers wanting more than rubber-only options, Camso has introduced steel over-the-tire (OTT) tracks. The steel OTTs will improve a skid steer's traction, mobility and performance in extreme muddy applications, muskeg or while climbing over rock. The steel tread bars also offer a cutting-edge to operators working on heavy ice surfaces or on slopes. There are wide voids between the tread bars, to make clean out easy, and the steel construction is more wear-resistant than any rubber product. The tracks allow a wide range of adjustment and tensioning. They're available in 10-inch and 12-inch widths to fit equipment running conventional R4 tires. CAMSO INC. Hercules adds a trailer tire to Strong Guard family The Hercules Strong Guard HTL is constructed with EcoFT, an EPA SmartWay-verified technology, and is optimized for regional and long haul trailer positions in 14 and 16 ply. Its construction provides for uniform wear, enhanced lateral stability and reduced tread squirm via the wide shoulder five-rib tread design. The 14/32nds-inch tread depth is enhanced with stone ejectors that guard the belt pack- age and casing from premature damage caused by stone drilling for better retreadability. Unique stair-step indicators detect irregular shoulder wear to alert the driver. And the tire is made of a new generation active silica tread compound that balances long wear and improved rolling. HERCULES TIRE & RUBBER CO. Bosch offers slim gear puller for heavy-duty applications The OTC 6614 heavy-duty gear puller from Bosch is stout enough for almost any heavy- duty application. The slim design cross block allows more room to set up in tight quarters to pull more gears. The puller has a spread range of removing gears from 2 inches to 7-1/4 inches in diameter, includ- ing most cam gears. The tempered steel, rust inhibitor-coated bolts are graded 10.9, have M12x1.75 inch threads and are 90 mm in length. The puller has a 5-3/4-inch long forcing screw threaded 5/8 inches-18 and has a pulling reach of 3-1/4 inches. The tool includes sliding plates to ensure smaller gear bolts up to ½ inch in diameter are always centered. BOSCH AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE SOLUTIONS C o m m e r c i a l l y V i a b l e

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