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T P M S 77 w w w . M o d e r n T i r e D e a l e r . c o m VDO and REDI-Sensor – Trademarks of the Continental Corporation Get the job done faster with the sensor that needs no programming, no cloning, and no dedicated programming tools. REDI-Sensor is ready to go, right out of the box. REDI for anything. T P M S PHOTO AND ARTWORK COURTESY OF KIA MOTORS AMERICA INC. SUBJECT VEHICLES: Kia Sportage — 2011-18 SPECIAL TOOLS NEEDED? Yes, a Kia GDS (Global Diagnostic System) with the TPMS module must be used. T he tire pressure monitoring sys- tem (TPMS) on 2011-2018 Kia Sportages monitors the air pressure in the four road tires with wheel- mounted tire pressure sensors. To do this, the system uses a TPMS receiver, four radio frequency (RF) tire pressure sen- sors, two warning indicators on the instru- ment cluster, and a data circuit to perform system functions. e tire pressure sensor operates in two modes: stationary/rolling mode and sleep mode. In stationary/rolling mode, the sensor will measure pressure and temperature every four seconds, and measure acceleration every 60 seconds. In sleep mode, the sensor enters a low current consumption state where no measurements are made in order to conserve battery power. All sensors are in this state when new. The sensor will not transmit unless requested to do so by the initiate command or when the vehicle accelerates to 15 mph (25 km/h). TIRE PRESSURE MONITOR WARNING INDICATORS e low tire pressure telltale illuminates when one or more tires is significantly under- inflated. e low tire pressure telltale will illuminate aer it blinks for approximately one minute when there is a problem with the TPMS. If the fault is considered "critical," the light will stay on throughout the entire ignition cycle. TPMS RESET PROCEDURES NOTE: If a tire pressure sensor is replaced, it will need to be initiated. e TPMS is not affected by wheel and tire rotation. e low tire pressure telltale illuminates when one or more tires is sig- nificantly under-inflated. The indicator will go out aer the tires are inflated to the specified pressure. Ensure the warning light goes off (this may take up to four minutes if the tire is not rapidly re-inflated). Kia Sportage — 2011-18 TIRE PRESSURE SENSOR INITIATION Auto-learn sensors 1) Every time the ignition is turned on, all sensor locations are verified and/or located. 2) If a sensor has been removed, the lack of response will cause it to eventually (may take 10 minutes) be removed from its list of active sensors. 3) When new sensors are added, or the wheels are rotated, the system will auto- matically learn their new locations within 10 minutes aer turning on the ignition if

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