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MTD April 2017 Top 50 retreaders service, according to Larry Faulkner, vice president of sales and marketing. "Some dealers in the Atlanta market adhere to a simple price-cuing strategy. is strategy is very disruptive to customers who need consistency in supply and timeliness of delivery," he says. "Our strategy has always been that we do not want to be the biggest; we want to be the best. Service is our number one priority. is strategy has allowed us to recapture busi- ness that may have been lost in the past due to price-cuing. Instead of being known as 'the cheapest in town,' we prefer to be considered as 'the best servicing dealer in town.' Based in Forest Park, Ga., Atlanta Commercial Tire is ranked No. 17. TravelCenters of America has operated truck stops for over 40 years. e company says its new TA Truck Service Com- mercial Tire Network will allow it to meet increased customer demand for flexible, efficient sourcing of commercial tires. e TA network has contracted with over 140 company-owned and independent retreading shops to offer Goodyear and Bandag truck tire retreads. TA's goal is to be a powerhouse in the industry while being able to give business to others, according to Carr. "Instead of us launch- ing 30 retread shops, we're able to use the retread shops that are out there as our own sources and keep those retread shops up and running." Carr says the use of existing shops will enable both TA and retreaders to succeed. "We have such a massive footprint for sell-out and a massive reach for fleet customers, we both can win that way. At the end of the day they are selling retread services to TA, and we're selling the finished product for both of us. It keeps the circle of tire life flowing. Everybody prospers and no one gets hurt." TA sells small and medium fleets the advantages that a major fleet would enjoy, from service programs to tire programs, according to Carr. e company's sales strategy is to offer one price per category of tires. For example, the company sells a Cooper Roadmaster tire or Dayton tire in any size and for any position for $324. "We try to structure everything so the driver or the small fleet or customer in general has more of a choice in what they buy, and then we can set them up on a program." Like Chamblee, Carr sees a greater emphasis on full-service capabilities in the tire business. "It's becoming a solutions industry when it comes to tires, tire services and truck services. I think we'll see more companies out there that offer full service — oil change, tires and fuel — taking more and more share of the business strictly because of the time savings and a volume purchasing savings for fleets and independents." Carr says TA's origins are a major advantage. "We were in the service busi- ness before we got in the commercial tire business, so it keeps us a lile bit ahead on that front. We feel very good about the industry as a whole. We see drivers of all size fleets down to independent owners willing to do the things they need to do to upgrade their trucks, and that's a good sign." ■ Quik-Link: 800-687-1557 ext. 14122 42

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