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MTD April 2017 Rank Company Headquarters Shops LT Medium Truck OTR Industrial Rubber Used (lbs. in millions) Process Total Points 47 Daniels Tire Service Inc. Santa Fe Springs, Calif. 1 29 273 0 0 2.4 Goodyear (UniCircle, precure) 1,005 48 Dorsey Tire Co. Inc. Pooler, Ga. 1 0 285 0 0 1.1 Bandag 998 49 MTI Retreading Co. Inc. Grand Rapids, Mich. 1 30 270 0 0 1.3 Michelin (Pre-Mold) 996 50 Callaghan Tire Inc. Bradenton, Fla. 2 20 260 0 1.4 1.8 Bandag (precure) 944 2017 MTD Top 50 Retreaders in the U.S. Footnotes: * — estimated; N/A — not available 1. Figures for Pomp's Tire Service Inc. reflect the number of retread plants (three) added when the company acquired Cross-Midwest Tire Co. on Dec. 1, 2016; estimated production figures include the three Cross-Midwest plants. 2. Best One Tire Group's figures include the Becker Tire and Tread- ing Inc. plant acquired in Feb. 2017. 3. All commercial locations using the Belle Tire, Belleroc, and Tredroc names rebranded under the Tredroc Tire Services name at the end of 2016. Tredroc Tire Services LLC is a joint venture company owned by Belle Tire Distributors Inc. and Tredroc Tire Services Inc. Here's how the points are calculated: Each April, Modern Tire Dealer ranks the"Top 100 Retreaders in the U.S." based on the average amount of tread rubber used to retread different types of tires. Twelve pounds of rubber, on average, are used to produce one light truck tire retread, while 24 pounds are used to produce one medium/heavy truck tire retread. An average of 324 pounds are used to build one OTR tire retread. MTD awards one point for every seven pounds of rubber used per retread. Each light truck tire retread equals 1.7 points, each truck tire retread equals 3.5 points, and each OTR retread equals 46 points. The point total does not include industrial tires. Numbers are rounded to the nearest point. See all Top 100 Retreaders at Quik-Link: 800-687-1557 ext. 14124 46

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