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MTD April 2017 New Bosch HPT 500 finds leaks in heavy- duty vehicles The new HPT 500 High-Pressure Diagnostic Leak Tester from Bosch offers leak detection for heavy- duty vehicles and turbocharged passenger cars. The HPT 500 produces a larger volume of smoke necessary for the larger systems in HD vehicles. The machine delivers leak detection smoke at up to 30 psi, higher pressures than standard machines, and simulates truck boost to safely test with the engine off. HPT 500 was designed with durable construction for technicians and fleet owners. It's capable of testing an entire system in 15 minutes, and offers dual operating modes so technicians can alternate between smoke-only and air-only cycles to confirm repairs. BOSCH AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE SOLUTIONS Quik-Link: (800) 687-1557, ext. 14160 Arisun drive tire from ZC Rubber is SmartWay-verified The Arisun AD759 is a drive position tire for long haul applications. The tire has a solid close shoulder, 30/32nd tread depth and three deep grooves to improve even wear and evacuate water efficiently for traction. Its strong casing is designed to resist cuts and punctures for enhanced toughness and long casing life. Its low rolling resistance compound improves fuel economy, the company says. Available in the sizes 11R22.5, 295/75R22.5, 11R24.5 and 285/75R24.5, the Arisun AD759 is designed for those with high-mileage demands. ZC RUBBER GROUP CO. LTD. Quik-Link: (800) 687-1557, ext. 14161 New size in TM3000 from Trelleborg handles big loads with less air pressure The TM3000 from Trelleborg is available in a new size for spreader applications. The VF1050/50R32 tire incorporates Trelleborg BlueTire technology to help protect the environment, and provides in- creased productivity and lowers overall operating costs. It offers the benefits of the VF construction and a D-rated load index (65 Km/h; 40 mph), which the company says allows the machine to carry up to 40% more load at the same pressure, or the same load with up to 40% less pressure. This means that the tire can carry up to 13,200 kg (29,100 lbs.) at 3.6 bar (or 52 psi). TRELLEBORG WHEEL SYSTEMS Quik-Link: (800) 687-1557, ext. 14162 Big tread blocks and solid construction define Galaxy Hulk SDS Alliance has introduced a severe- duty solid (SDS) skid steer tire, the Galaxy Hulk Deep-Tread SDS. The company says the tire's mas- sive block tread pattern and solid construction are designed for the toughest challenges in material handling, construction and farming. The chevron-and-block pattern of the Hulk SDS tread provides excellent self-cleaning while delivering long service life on all surfaces with its high 68%-rubber-to-void ratio. The Galaxy Hulk SDS has been introduced in two sizes — 30x10-16 and 33x12-16 — with and without apertures. ALLIANCE TIRE GROUP Quik-Link: (800) 687-1557, ext. 14163 Michelin Power Digger is for excavators Michelin's Power Digger is a bias tire made for wheeled ex- cavators with a dual fitment for both original equipment and replacement applications. Designed for construction applications, the 10.00-20 Power Digger tire offers bias construction, thicker sidewalls and a directional-lug design for excel- lent stability. Michelin says the tire is structurally designed to allow for more stability in the contact patch area as the machine carries out 360-degree movements on varied surfaces. The sidewalls are thicker to better resist impacts. The pronounced center arch of the tire contains more rubber to provide excellent wear. The tire also has a higher-load index of 147, which is superior to competitive tires. MICHELIN NORTH AMERICA INC. Quik-Link: (800) 687-1557, ext. 14164 Toyo adds sizes to M920 drive tire Toyo has expanded the size offerings for its M920 drive tire, designed for trucks that require all-season capabilities to de- liver loads in any weather condition in regional or long-haul applications. The M920 has wide, staggered tread blocks for improved traction and performance while additional features assist in excellent wet performance, longer tire life and reduced irregular wear. Its two wide circumferen- tial grooves are designed to shed water during wet conditions. The lineup features eight sizes, including three new offerings: a 315/80R22.5 with a load index of L, also an 11R24.5 and a 285/75R24.5. TOYO TIRE U.S.A. CORP. Quik-Link: (800) 687-1557, ext. 14165 Commercially viable 50

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