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MTD April 2017 European notebook T he annual Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland is primarily a high profile car show presenting the ver y latest automotive technical advancements. It is also increasingly becoming a popular event in terms of tomorrow's tire innovations, and once again most of Europe's leading tire manufacturers were exhibiting this year. Pirelli, Goodyear Dunlop, Yokohama, Bridges- tone Europe and Apollo Vredestein all once again presented high profile booths, while Falken was making its debut at the show. I was able to chat at length with all six producers about their different approaches and new technological advancements. Color me Pirelli As the chosen tire supplier at the Formula 1 Global Rac- ing Championship, the Milan headquarters of Pirelli was launching two new impres- sive innovations — a colored edition of its P Zero and Winter Soozero tire ranges as well as the Pirelli Connesso Platform System. e special colored editions are, according to Pirelli, being introduced to address the grow- ing demand for personaliza- tion from their prestige and premium customers, including distributors. ere are, in fact, two new advancements being launched with the colored tires. The variety of colors available and the stability of the sidewall colors are courtesy of ground- breaking, exclusive technology that is evolved from the Formula One circuits. Also, a new material has been created to act as a protec- tive barrier that maintains the brilliance of the color and avoids fading without affecting performance. In due course, the respective colored editions of the P Zero and Winter Soozero will become available around the world for premium car models. e Pirelli Connesso digital platform uses a special sensor that is integrated within Pirelli's high-end tire ranges to specifically expand on the information already available from a car's on-board computer, and it provides data about the status, use and maintenance of every tire. e sensor, which is embedded in the tire and connected to the Pirelli Cloud as well as a smartphone app, ensures drivers can constantly communicate with their tires. Another important asset of the system is it measures tire pressure, temperature (even when a car is stationary), static vertical load, tire wear and mileage. Goodyear Dunlop: 3 concept tires As in previous shows Goodyear Dunlop was also showcasing its very latest technological advancements, including three new concept tires — the Eagle 360 Urban, IntelliGrip Urban and Goodyear City Cube; the laer has been specifically designed for the all-new Toyota i-TRIL concept car. The Eagle 360 Urban is the first concept tire to be powered by artificial intelligence (AI), making it able to sense, decide, transform and interact. With a combined bionic skin and morphing tread, the Eagle 360 Urban has the unique ability to put this knowledge into practice, with the tire becoming part of a vehicle's "nervous system" that rapidly adapts to changing circumstances when driving. e Goodyear IntelliGrip Urban has been specially designed for future generation autonomous electric ride- sharing vehicles in urban areas and incorporates advanced Sensor-in-Tire technology to support autonomous vehicle control systems and enhance passenger safety. e IntelliGrip Urban senses road and weather conditions and transmits the information directly to the vehicle's computer system in order to optimize speed, braking, handling and stability. T h e G o o d y e a r Cit y Cube combines advanced sensor tech - nology with a unique tread design to identify a variety of road condi- tions. It sends the data to the vehicle to support an advanced collision prevention system. Falken Ecorun A-A I also visited new- c o m e r Fa l ke n Ty re Eu ro p e's ( b a s e d i n Germany) booth to inspect its new summer tire: the Ecorun A-A. e result of the tire's fuel saving design features and impressive braking distance levels in wet conditions is a European Union tire labelling rating of AA, with one "A" standing for top fuel efficiency and the other for superior wet grip. Innovative tires and more Manufacturers speak out at the Geneva Motor Show By John Stone The Pirelli Connesso digital plat- form system uses a sensor to pro- vides data about the status, use and maintenance of every tire. Goodyear talked about its latest technological advancements, including the 3 concept tires. 54

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