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M T D J u n e 2 0 1 8 32 B e s t P r a c t i c e s soer on that. We're starting to do a lot more alignments. We're doing more and we're promoting it more." Another tool sits on the sales counter inside all 63 Plaza Tire Service stores. A two-sided mat details preventive mainte- nance services. One side breaks down the company's good-better-best options for oil changes (see charts). The other side details an "OEM approved" maintenance schedule (see page 30). In addition to synthetic, high-mileage and standard oil changes, it describes other additional services and explains why they're needed. ■ has to point out to the customer 'you have to change your air filter.' Somebody's got to make that suggestion." ose suggestions create traffic in the store, and Rhodes says, "It's creating loyalty to the customer." Plaza Tire Service places most of its marketing focus on tires, and Rhodes says his rule has been to lead every promotional piece with tires first. "I'm getting a little can fill that preventive maintenance role. Rhodes is a second-generation tire dealer who in 2017, along with his brother Scott, was named the winner of Modern Tire Dealer's Tire Dealer of the Year Award. "A lot of customers think you're inspect- ing the vehicle just to sell them something, but it's also providing a pretty good service that used to go on every week. I always tell our guys, at the end of the day somebody You can handle specialty assemblies HD Tire Changer: % Saves time and adds safety % Increases capacity % Simplifies match-mounting Other services: Smart driver package $64.95 (includes basic oil change, top off fluids, tire rotation and more) Cooling system flush From $99.95 (includes flush, conditioner chemicals and most types of anti-freeze) Transmission fluid flush From $129.95 (includes flush and conditioner chemicals for most cars) Power steering flush From $89.95 Pflush (includes flush, conditioner and most types of fluids) Brake flush From $69.95 (includes mechanical flush and addition of new, OEM-approved fluid) Differential service From $99.95 3-step engine performance service From $89.95 Tire repair Ask for pricing Tire rotation Ask for pricing Wheel balance Ask for pricing Wheel alignment Ask for pricing Front disc brake service Ask for pricing Rear disc brake service Ask for pricing Drum brake service Ask for pricing

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