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M T D J u n e 2 0 1 8 46 C o m m e r c i a l l y V i a b l e Continental upgrades solid tire compound Continental has updated its solid tire offerings with a new Plus compound that combines the perks of high mile- age with low rolling resistance. The SC20+ model combines the advantages of its predecessors, and with the Plus compound, the tires offer higher mileage like the SC20 Mileage+ with low rolling resistance like the SC20 Energy+. The SC20+ is especially useful on uneven surfaces such as paving slabs or cobblestone pavement. The profile design offers high traction, while the tread provides maximum resistance capability to punctures and cuts, which reduces wear and extends tire life. This tire is suited to intensive use in both indoor and outdoor environments. CONTINENTAL AG Petlas expands industrial tire offerings Petlas has added radial grader, earthmover and loader tires to its industrial and off-the-road tire range. In the radial OTR range, the Turkish tire manufacturer is offering Ptx ND31, a multi-purpose radial industrial tire developed especially for backhoe loaders used in construction areas. It provides traction, longevity, resistance to damage and high carrying capacities. Petlas says the Ptx ND31 is designed for all industrial heavy-duty needs and is suitable for all digging and loading operations under vehicles such as telehandlers, compact loaders and backhoe loaders. The Ptx ND31 is available in sizes 340/80 R18, 440/80 R28, 405/70 R20, 460/70 R24 and 400/70 R20. PETLAS TIRE CORP. Cooper puts its name on TBR tire lines Cooper has released three lines of Cooper-brand truck and bus radial (TBR) tires. Cooper TBR tires were developed for fleets to reduce their overall tire program costs and are offered in three series based on ap- plication — Pro Series for long-haul, Work Series for regional-haul, pickup and delivery, and Severe Series for mixed service. Cooper commercial Pro Series tires are built with proprietary compounds and tread designs that provide a balance of fuel efficiency and long miles to removal, while Work Series tires balance fuel effi- ciency and tread life with scrub resistant properties. The Severe Series is engineered for the most demanding applications, with tires built to withstand heavy scrub and cut/chip environments. COOPER TIRE & RUBBER CO. Countrywide adds to trailer tire lineup Countrywide has expanded its line of trailer tires, and in response to customer demand the company is adding new sizes and higher ply options. The RubberMaster 17.5 and 19.5 all-steel trailer tires feature a shallow tread design that the company says produces better stability and longer tread life. The 17.5 sizes are available with 16 or 18 plies, while the 19.5 sizes are available in 14 or 18 plies. The additional plies are needed to accommodate the bigger and heavier equipment people are hauling. The ST tires also feature a warranty from the company. COUNTRYWIDE TIRE AND RUBBER CO. Yokohama drive tire delivers long-lasting results Yokohama has launched a fuel-efficient long-haul drive tire: the TY577 MC2. The SmartWay-verified tire comes in sizes 295/75R22.5, 11R22.5, 285/75R24.5 and 11R24.5, and is also offered in 16-ply construction. The TY577 MC2 combines an ultra-deep tread pat- tern with Yokohama's MC2 technology, which minimizes the effects of heat on the casing and tread, providing extreme low rolling resistance to reduce fleets' cost-per-mile. Besides fuel efficiency, other benefits of the TY577 MC2 include long tread life with a 30/32-inch deep groove depth that delivers a firm and stable road grip while maximizing run-out mileage. A durable casing leads to improved retreadability. YOKOHAMA TIRE CORP. Agrimax V-Flecto resists wear at low pressure BKT has developed an extensive tire range for a variety of applications on the farm. The Agrimax V-Flecto (size VF 710/60 R 42 NRO) features a mix of technologies that enhances the performance of latest-generation tractors on any kind of terrain. The tire features reduced soil compaction, lower operating costs and increased load capacity. Farmers can preserve the soil thanks to its optimized footprint on the ground and a 10% larger tread profile. The V-Flecto also maximizes load capacity with unchanged inflation pres- sure. It can transport 40% more weight compared to a standard tire of the same size and with the same recommended rim. BALKRISHNA INDUSTRIES LTD.

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