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P r o d u c t s M T D J u n e 2 0 1 8 80 Cooper introduces Avenger M8 all-season UHP tire The new Mastercraft Avenger M8 from Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. is a W-rated ultra-high performance all-season tire with a 40,000-mile tread wear war- ranty. The company says the Avenger M8 is quiet, comfortable and fast. The tire, which features a noise-sealing tread design and enhanced elastic base layering, provides drivers with the precise handling and stability needed for a smooth and quiet riding experience in wet or dry weather. The Master- craft Avenger M8 is available in 19 sizes, from 16- to 19-inch rim diameters. COOPER TIRE & RUBBER CO. Philips Ultinon LEDs fit many applications Philips Ultinon LED (light emitting diode) lights from Lumileds are designed to deliver brilliant, high-tech lighting with a choice of cool blue, intense red, intense amber or 6000K bright white. Designed for perfor- mance and style, Philips Ultinon LEDs provide excellent light distribution, with a wide angle and proper light diffusion so drivers can see and be seen better. Philips Ultinon LEDs are available for stop lights, turn signal lights, backup lights, taillights, position lights, hazard lights, trunk lights, glove compartment lights and interior floor lights. LUMILEDS LLC KTI has 37-degree flaring die set K Tool International (KTI) has released the Flare 37 degree die set (part no. KTI70083). The com- pany suggests pairing it with its professional brake line flaring tool (part no. KTI70081) to create perfect single, double and bubble flares effortlessly. The extra die set contains a one- piece turret with seven adapters and four-piece tube-retaining dies. The company says the kit's turret style design makes leak-free and tight seals on 3/16-inch, 1/4-inch, 5/16-inch and 3/8-inch brake, power steering, and transmission lines. K TOOL INTERNATIONAL Autel adds two wireless tablets Autel Intelligent Technology has released two new wireless advanced diagnostic sys- tems, the MaxiSys MS908S and MS908S Pro. The company says the MaxiSys MS908S and MS908S Pro scan tablets feature a higher quality 8 MP (megapixel) camera, two USB ports, and upgraded hardware as well as an Android 4.4.2 operating system. The new 1.3 GHz + 1.7GHz hexa-core processor and double-the-memory size 64G solid state drive make these tablets more powerful, according to the company. The new tablet tools use existing MaxiSys system applications and navigation. AUTEL INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CORP. LTD. Hennessy offers single- pass brake lathe The Ammco 4000SP combination disc and drum brake lathe from Hennessy Industries is designed to integrate single-speed spindle and feed rates for one-pass precision finishes. Technicians can turn standard work quicker and easier. The 4000SP uses positive rake tool bits for quality cuts. The result of this simpli- fication is one of the most accurate, durable, and easy-to-use machines, according to the company. HENNESSY INDUSTRIES INC. CEMB unveils ER75TD HubMatch RFV wheel balancer CEMB USA/BL Systems' new wheel balancer is designed to complete the balancing process on the car at more than 45% less investment cost than other radial force vectoring (RFV) wheel balancers. The company says the ER75TD HubMatch RFV wheel balancer offers leading state-of-the-art balancing features and then uniquely combines an on-the-car mount- ing finish balancing process that guarantees superior ride quality compared to off-car wheel balancing alone. CEMB USA is the U.S.- based subsidiary of Italian industrial balancing equipment manufacturer Costruzioni Ellettro Meccaniche Buzzi SpA. CEMB USA/BL SYSTEMS INC.

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